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One of the biggest hurdles recovering alcoholics face is that they don't fit in in social situations anymore. They feel awkward around drinkers and are tempted to either become hermits or start drinking again.

This could be a big boon to some of them. More power to them.

Those who think it's stupid are reminded that they are not obligated to buy it.
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I saw the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta a few years ago. We were told that, while the shark's mouth could easily accommodate a small car, the esophagus is only about the diameter of a quarter. Amazing animals.
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Wow. They suggest you set this thing up outside and let your dog run in it? Talk about missing the point. Dogs need to stimulate their brains by exploring and sniffing and such; I'd think this would be like torture to a dog.
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"...a sequence of numbers in which every third number is the sum of the previous two numbers."

Need to remove "third" from that sentence, or, to be perfectly accurate, change it to "every number from the third onward." (The first two numbers in the series can't be the sum of the preceding two numbers, because each is preceded by fewer than two.)
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An expatriate is someone living in a country other than the country of his or her citizenship. This is a list of people who have *renounced* their citizenship.
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I think Neil might have a bit of a chip on his shoulder about meat, given that a four-word comment having nothing to do with meat drew him into that anti-meat rant.

And this chart is most definitely crap. Water isn't like oil; it's not as though there's a gigantic reservoir of water somewhere, and when it runs out, will mean everyone's gonig to die of thirst. Water runs in a cycle, and there's no more or less of it now than there was a thousand years ago. Some is clean and some isn't, is all.
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Iv'e been a photography enthusiast for years and years. There's nothing in any of those photos that's even remotely difficult to explain without resorting to "ghosts."
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