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The countries and territories that use the Fahrenheit scale are: United States, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Liberia, Palau, The Federated States of Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands
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Best anyways for water conservation. But... baths are kind of gross. Stewing a tub of my own filth vs. a shower... I'll take a shower any day (which I do, stank you very much).
Renovating a house at the moment that had a cast iron tub. Nothing nice or worth restoring, or I would have. Had to take an angle grinder and cut it into 6 pieces so that I could move it. Even then, each piece was ridiculously heavy. No wonder the floor sagged under it.
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Once upon a time, over 20 years ago, I lived in the Dominican Republic for about a year. Needed a new belt one day. Came home with a brand new, spiffy looking, Bogle Boy leather belt. Literally took me weeks before I realized it didn't say Bugle Boy (which is a brand that existed, was big in a span of the '90's, then completely disappeared).
It was a nice fake... but I was too embarrassed to wear it since the lettering was clearly visible. What's kind of weird is the reasoning behind the misspelling. Like... why? I also most definitely owned fake Vuarnet and Ocean Pacific clothing at the time, which had legit looking labels with proper spelling on the shirts, it was just the internal label which indicated that it was clearly made by other companies. So why bother with a misspelling, especially for clothing in countries where counterfeit isn't going to be punished? Basically what I'm saying I guess is that if you're going to clearly do a ripoff counterfeit, just go all the way. Nobody wants something that says Bogle Boy or Cailv Kailun.
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Once upon a time, I had a job located in a large skyscraper. The series of doors to enter were HUGE revolving doors, made up of 4 clear, glass panels which I would guess were 6' wide x 14' high each (1.8m x 4.2m). Mornings are routine when working, and walking through the front door of the building you work at just becomes an instinctive movement as part of the morning, before caffeine has taken full effect. There's no conscious thought involved. Well, one day, for a reason I'll never know, one of the glass panels in one of the revolving doors was removed. I walked into my quadrant of the revolving door and proceed to put a lot of weight on the glass panel in front of me to keep the door rotating. But that panel wasn't there, so instead I fell forward, my coffee spilling everywhere, while I tumbled around like I was in a washing machine, watched and laughed at by those going through the door in their own quadrants, until I was spit out the other side.
If I saw this happen to somebody else, it would obviously be hilarious. Having it happen to oneself however was quite unpleasant. Possibly traumatic.
Large, clear glass doors are just dangerous. Not only while both open and closed, but also when they are not even there apparently.
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It's not just used here in Canada, it's used everywhere. If you go into any of the big box stores, and go to the hardware isle with all the screws... 90% will be robertson. Anything residential electrical... Robertson. Basically any screw used in residential construction.... Robertson. The only thing I can think of that we regularly see phillips screws in is when they come with something that you have to assemble. Hate them! Granted, when they come with diy-assembly stuff, the quality of the screws are mostly cheap junk to begin with, but ermergerd do they strip easily.
Oh... drywall screws. For some reason drywall screws are phillips. That's the only "building supply" screw that I can think of that isn't robertson here.
It's hip to be square.
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