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"Does The Dog Die" Can Save You Serious Heart Ache

It might be a spoiler alert for some films, but Does the Dog Die can stop you from shedding a whole slew of tears. The purpose of the site is pretty clear give the name: you can search for any film to find out if animals die in it. The site will also tell you if an animal gets hurt or appears dead, but ultimately ends up ok.

If you had this as a kid, maybe you could avoid having your heart ripped out when you watch the end of Old Yeller.


Susanna Bauer's Embroidered Leaves

I wouldn't think it possible to embroider something as delicate as a leaf, but Susanna Bauer, an artist in the UK, can do it. She carefully wraps and edges leaves and, even more impressively, splices and shapes them with thread.

Link -via Knit Queer

Knitted Fungi

For her project entitled 52 Forms of Fungi, Leigh Martin is knitting realistic fungi. She's making a new one every week. They're very good pieces, especially when left in appropriate settings. You can view more at the link. 

Link -via Knits and Knacks

Hot Scots Drum Line

(YouTube link)

High school drummers Nigel, Dylan, Matt, Elias, and Jordan won a school talent show with this routine. I don't doubt it a bit! They supposedly put the routine together in less than a week. -via Everlasting Blort 

Knitted Stop Sign Flower

Bryan, the "Knitting Guy", is a mad yarn bomber who turns stop signs in Clairemont, California into flowers. He's planted, er, crafted at least a hundred of them and has an interactive map at this site so that you can visit them. Last year, Enrique Limon of San Diego City Beat accompanied Bryan on one of his covert missions:

Guiding his buddy as he sewed up the stockinette-stitched sleeve along the stop-sign rod, he recounted the tale of his first stop-sign flower: “I put it up in the middle of the night—it must have been 11:30 or midnight. I wanted to make sure no one saw me doing it, and then chuckled all the way home and waited to see people’s reactions.”

He figured that if it lasted three days, the $10 he spent on yarn would have been worth it. Fourteen months later, it’s still there.

A few more quickly followed.

“I find it lightens people’s mood,” he said, adding that, recently, when he went back to do some maintenance work on that first flower, someone had already rewired its leaves.

Official Site and News Story -via Makin'ology

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