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This is not the sort of story most Americans do well with. There's not a single cause of the problem and it's going to be perceived by some as being a "green" issue. It also involves science. Then, when there isn't enough of a particular food, people will finally react.
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Caution! The report determines there's no benefit in making a sacrifice when YOU have had a stressful day, which seems like a bit of a no-brainer. But I'd hate for someone's relationship to be ruined by a misinterpretation. "But honey, SCIENCE says I shouldn't do those dishes..."
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I've heard the original idea behind a lot of these strange riders are basically just to keep the production managers on their toes. I'm pretty sure it was Led Zeppelin that ordered at every concert a bunch of M&Ms with no brown ones, the idea being that if there were brown M&Ms, the production manager didn't read the rider correctly and the band could duck out to avoid a bad gig due to shotty managing.

Although I imagine it could also be a matter of just things that they like and examples of "living the good life" but at least some of those riders are for screening purposes.
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