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Puppy Perks at Work

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As noted on this Harvard Health Publications blog run by Harvard Medical School, multiple studies have concluded that interaction with animals is good for human health. I imagine that most of you have read about similar research at some point. To quote the blog entry,

"Studies going back to the early 1980s support the idea that dogs—and other pets—have enormous health benefits for people. Pets have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve recovery from heart disease, and even reduce rates of asthma and allergy in children who grow up with a Fido or a Frisky in the house. Pets also improve people’s psychological well-being and self-esteem."

But it doesn't take a scientific study to see the smiles (even happy tears, in one case) of employees in this video shot by dog treat brand Dogswell on June 20, 2014, national "Take Your Dog to Work" day. It may essentially be an advertisement, but it's a cute one that makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you. (Relax and forget what Rusty just did allll over that hedge fund!) Via Unique Daily.

Nathan the Hairless Dancing Dog

Nathan lives at is from Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and Small Breed Rescue, Inc. and has made several dancing videos for them -because he loves to scratch his back on that green chair. Shake it, Nathan!

Nathan was adopted last year, but it didn't last (for reasons which had nothing to do with his behavior), and he was returned to the shelter. Instead of putting him through that again, Bald is Beautiful decided he was their dog forever.  

(YouTube link)

-via Daily Picks and Flicks

Update: Ellen from Bald is Beautiful wrote and said:

Thank you so much for shining a spotlight on Nathan and Bald is Beautiful rescue on your website! We appreciate the nod.
I do want to clarify; Nathan was adopted by his foster mom and that is his forever home. He is no longer in our rescue technically, although his mom still fosters and volunteers with us, so we see him all the time, online mostly!  As you can tell from his adoption video, which is all pictures of his forever home, he is very very happy there, especially in that green chair.
Thanks, Ellen!

This Blind Pug Is Pretty Much The Cutest Service Dog Ever

When people hear "service dog," they usually think of guide dogs for the blind, but Xander here is blind himself. Even so, he's one heck of a service dog, helping abused children and women work past their emotional problems with his sweet hugs and adorable face.

According to his owner, Rodney Beedy,"A lot of times he’ll hear a child crying at an event and he’s bolted several times, at least 500 feet over to this child to comfort them." Even without the use of sight, Xander gets around really well, following Rodney around without any need for a leash.

Aside from everything else, he looks great in a suit too.

A Baby Skunk In Pajamas Cuddling With A Toy Sloth

Ultimately, the title says everything you need to know about these photos -they show an adorable baby skunk in pajamas cuddling with a sloth toy. But, if you want to know why said baby skunk happens to be in pajamas, there is a story behind it. 

Stunky here belongs to Redditor KalisCoraven. The seven month old skunk just had surgery and wouldn't leave her stitches alone, but skunks can't wear cones like dogs and cats so the vet suggested KalisCoraven put her in a dog diaper and a baby's onesie so she couldn't reach the stitches. As for cuddling with the sloth toy -that's just because Stunky is the cutest thing ever.

Via Grist

Polar Bear's First Steps

(YouTube link)

Get ready to see an adorably cute and furry baby! The two-month old yet-unnamed polar bear at the Toronto Zoo drinks milk six times a day, and is developing like a little champ. The cub is being hand-reared after his two siblings died shortly after birth. He's growing teeth and whiskers, and here you can see him learning how to walk. He's also working on his adorable tiny bear roar! -via Time Newsfeed

Play with Your Food

Your parents may have told you this when you were little and learning table manners. Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida remember how to play with their food--and they're really good at it, too! The two photographers have created amazing dioramas using ordinary food items and human miniatures. You can see more photos in the series here.

The two artists gave an interview for the blog Erratic Phenomena. In it, they explained their creative process:

Pierre: I always look for the narrative structure, and when I've outlined the idea, I have the frame of the image. Very often I make a sketch in my notebook. Then comes a dialogue with Akiko. If she doesn't understand the story, I need to clarify it, or think of an another situation that's more accessible. Next comes the research for the elements. Since there are quite few in our image, we should find something that's "just right," but often we pick up an object in the bottom of a drawer that completes the image! In each step, Akiko is a little like the project chief. She doesn't follow all these steps very closely, but she keeps just enough distance so that she can be objective in the end. During the shoot, I take care of the lighting and technical parts. An image will be validated when we're both happy with its tone and its aspect. When it makes us smile or when the result surprises us, we've won!

Akiko: Pierre is very good at constructing narrative and model-making (his talent from Beaux-Arts, the art school), and everything technical when shooting. I'm much more like a stylist who takes care of the details of the scene. I have much finer fingers than he does, so it's often my role to move the small figures or to install tiny elements.

Dachshund and Disabled Cat Are Inseparable

(YouTube link)

It was a strange case that a healthy, well-fed Dachshund and a clean young disabled cat were found abandoned in a driveway in Florida. They appeared to be from someone's home, but no one claimed the pets from Seminole County Animal Services. The Dachshund is totally devoted to her cat friend, who has severe mobility issues. They were taken in by Jacqueline Borum, who named the dog Idgie and the cat Ruthie after best friends in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. The two live together at Borum's business, Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa in Lake Mary. You'll find more of their story at the Orlando Sentinel. -via Laughing Squid

A Magnificent Look At Dogs Riding in Cars

Everyone knows that dogs love riding in cars, but it's rare to see the full extent of elation of their faces as clearly as you can see it in this new fantastic photo series by Lara Jo Regan. You might recognize that name because the great photographer is also the owner of the famous Mr. Winkle, who we mentioned in a few other articles before

Whether shooting her own little angel or the furry friends of others, Regan does a wonderful job capturing the happy spirit of dogs and their individual personalities and this new photo set is simply fantastic.

Via Laughing Squid

Kub Basin by Victor Vasilev: Optical Illusion or Bathroom Sink?

Optical illusion or bathroom sink? You'd be forgiven if you thought that this ultramodern bathroom basin isn't real. Victor Vasilev, a Milan-based architect, designed this minimalist bathroom sink out of carrara marble, glass, faucet and fittings and nothing else.

Take a look at the Kub Basin and more bathroom design ideas over at Homes & Hues

Dell to Replace Smelly Laptops

Customers have been complaining about some models of Dell's Latitude E6430u laptop, saying they smell of cat pee. Some say the overwhelming odor makes the computer unusable.

A Dell customer, going by the name of “three west,” first reported the malodorous defect to Dell’s support website in June 2013. “the machine is great,” posted the disappointed buyer,  ”but it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcat’s litter box. It is truly awful! It seems to be coming from the keyboard.”

Since then, the computer maker’s forums have been flooded by buyers with similar stories.

Without elaborating, Dell says the problem in the manufacturing process was corrected in October, and laptops made after that should not have the smell. Laptops with the smell of cat urine can be exchanged for new models. Which is only right -after all, the experience of watching cat videos on the internet shouldn't be accompanied by the ambience of a litter box.   

The Most Canadian Story You've Read All Week

The headline is Fark's reference to a story from Regina, Saskatchewan, about a motorist who'd left his wallet on a trailer he was pulling. The wallet was flung off onto the road, burst open, and cash flew everywhere. Another motorist stopped, gathered up all the cash and the wallet, and turned it in to the RMCP, who contacted the owner. A very nice story.

But Farkers agreed that in order to be "the most Canadian story," certain elements would have to be added. Gordon Bennet was glad to oblige, and wrote this addendum:

"That poutine was delicious," said the Mountie. "My Kraft Dinner was lovely too," replied the beaver. They saw that they still had some time to spend before the hockey game, so they pulled on their denim jackets and went into the Mountie's car to go to Tim Horton's for a maple doughnut and some coffee. While the Mountie was distracted putting in an Anne Murray CD, a moose stepped out in front of the car. "Be careful of the moose!" said the beaver. "Thank you very much," replied the Mountie, cautiously manoeuvering the car out of the way.

"That reminds me somehow," said the beaver. "I need to buy a new opener for my milk bags but I'm a bit short. Can I borrow a Loonie?" "I'm not sure if I have it," the Mountie replied, adjusting his toque. "But I do have some Canadian Tire money, will that do?"

"C'est poutine était délicieux", a déclaré le gendarme. "Mon Dîner Kraft était belle aussi," répondit le castor. Ils ont vu qu'ils avaient encore un peu de temps à passer avant le match de hockey, alors ils tiré sur leurs vestes en denim et entra dans la voiture de la police montée pour aller au Tim Horton pour un beignet d'érable et un café. Alors que le gendarme a été distrait mettre dans un CD Anne Murray, un orignal est sorti en avant de la voiture. "Soyez prudent de l'orignal!" dit le castor. "Merci beaucoup," répondit le gendarme, manoeuvrer prudemment la voiture de la route.

"Cela me rappelle un peu", a déclaré le castor. «J'ai besoin d'acheter une nouvelle révélation pour mes sacs de lait, mais je suis un peu court. Puis-je emprunter un <<loonie>>?" "Je ne sais pas si je l'ai,» répondit le gendarme, en ajustant sa toque. "Mais j'ai un peu d'argent <<Canadian Tire>>, qui seront le faire?"

NOW it is the most Canadian story ever!

However, a close runner-up would be the responses to a recent tongue-in-cheek Buzzfeed list outlining the evils of Canada ahead of the Winter Games. The Facebook comments that followed include dozens of Canadians immediately apologizing. I was laughing at the phenomenon when suddenly this golden exchange popped up (censored by me):

Now, have you ever seen anything more Canadian than that?

We're Officially In Love With The Gamorrean Pug Guard

Remember Chubbs, the cute little pug that was banthapug and a wampug the last few Halloweens? OK, you probably don't, but you should because Chubbs is pretty much the cutest pug in costume ever. 

Anyway, here she is in his newest geeky Halloween costume, a Gamorrean pug guard. If you absolutely can't get enough of her costumes, you won't want to miss this great interview with her owner, Kristen, over at Geek Mom. She discusses her past costumes and the process that goes into creating her adorable outfits. You can also check out Wired's interview with Chubbs herself, which largely revolves around snackies.

UPDATE: Chubbs just posted this great video of the constume on our Facebook page and you won't want to miss it!

(Video Link)

Tia Makes Quite the Daisy

What happens when you mix a doggy sweatsuit and a few felt petals? You get an adorable little flower that might not be all too happy about being a cute little daisy. Reader Renee Davies sent in this picture of her little Tia, her little chihuahua wiener dog all  dolled up as a lovely flower. Tia might not seem too happy about the situation, but she certainly looks adorable.

There's still time to send in your critter in costume to, I'm be happy to post cuties like this all year long. 

Pixel the Zombie Fighter

If your dog is not going to be a monster for Halloween, she might as well be a badass monster-fighting warrior! Nadine Gilden's pug Pixel is all dressed for Halloween as Michonne from The Walking Dead, complete with her katana and her pet zombies trailing along! Pixel won the Scariest Costume prize at the NYC Pug Meetup Halloween Bash, which happened on the same date as the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Pixel is also a contestant in a photo contest sponsored by Petco.

Light Goes On

(YouTube link)

Light painter Darren Pearson (previously at Neatorama) has a new video that follows a skeleton as it skateboards all around, blowing away any possible competitors. The skeleton is made from over 700 light painting photographs taken over a year's time.  -via Laughing Squid

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