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Sure, pick up a Donut Pizza in Guatemala and eat it while watching the Genocide Trial of a former President or the news of a state of siege at a silver mine. Why do I suspect the pizza is intended just to distract Guatemalans from the troubles? Didn't Domino's owner support the Contras in Nicaragua years ago? (Wait, he doesn't own it anymore, semi-nevermind)

Less seriously, an outside-the-US introduction by Dominos may be more likely to creep into the US than some of Pizza Hut's insane foreign pizzas, and Guatemala IS closer than Dubai.
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Er, take it from someone who lives in the UK (where stick shift is the norm) this would NOT do anything to stop teenagers being teenagers. Best one I saw here was an idiot rolling a cigarette while steering with his elbows! The real answer is to make teenagers drive little electric 2 person bumper cars until they are 28 (when their brains suddenly get into gear).
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The average household income in my county is $21,195. I guess you could save half of that somehow, but having any savings at all would make a family ineligible for food stamps and Medicaid, which would be hard if you're trying to live on $11K a year. And it still wouldn't be enough to fund a 50 year retirement.
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It's interesting when you view it against the FDA approval of synthetic recombinant Bovine somatotropin or growth hormone ( rbST or rbGH) in 1990 and the effects of the late 1970's U.S. sugar tariffs that made manufacturers switch to high fructose corn syrup causing consumer consumption to triple between 1985 and present. Correlation perhaps??? partial cause???
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I knew a contractor who bought an old Hook and Ladder to use instead of Cherry Picker. Said it added a bit of panache to the jog.
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Colonel: What is it, son?
Johnson: I don't know, sir, but it looks like a giant--
[cut to the sky in two jets]
Jet Pilot: Dick!
Dick: Yeah?
Pilot: Take a look outta starboard.
Dick: Oh, my God! It looks like a huge--
[cut to a forest with 2 birdwatchers]
Bird-Watching Woman: Pecker!
Bird-Watching Man: [raises his binoculars] Oh, where?
Bird-Watching Woman: Wait! that's not a woodpecker. It looks like someone's--
[cut to a boot camp]
Army Sergeant: PRIVATES! We have reports of an unidentified flying object! It is a long, smooth shaft, complete with--
[cut to a baseball game]
Umpire: 2 balls! [looks up from game] What is that? That looks just like an enormous--
[cut to a Chinese school]
Teacher: Wang! Pay attention!
Wang: I was distracted by that enormous flying--
[cut to a concert with Willie Nelson and another guitarist]
Musician: Willie.
Willie: Yeah?
Musician: What's that?
Willie: [looks up] Well, it looks like a giant--
[cut back to headquarters]
Colonel: Johnson!
Johnson: Yes, sir!
Colonel: Get on the horn to British Intelligence and let them know about this!
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