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Duh, because they don't need the money? If they weren't already wealthy, they probably wouldn't have gotten into those elite schools. And I'm sure some of them married men who can make a decent living.

For the vast majority of people, whether you work or not is not a personal choice.
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I've seen a lot said about delayed clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord in medical research, but by which they mean by only a couple minutes. There is a minor thing or two that it seems to increase the risk for, but are incredibly minor in the big scheme of things. But typically the fluid transfer through the umbilical cord is done within a couple minutes, so I'm not sure what the benefit would be of going any longer than that. And the process of clamping and cutting the cord is quite quick if you aren't trying to make a circus out of it, so it isn't some massive barrier in mother-baby interaction. Additionally, a lot of place still seem to leave a fair bit of cord on and allow it to dry off, so cutting after a couple minutes will not offer any more infection chance than not cutting or damage, as in either case where the cord attaches is still allowed to dry out on its own.
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Okay... not to give away my age, but the Chipmunks Christmas album stirs up my most precious memory of Christmas.

I awoke, as did my younger brother, on Christmas morning to rush out and find that Santa had come and left us presents under the tree.

My parents were poor at the time, and both my brother and I had just celebrated our birthdays within the last few weeks of Christmas day (we were both born in the month of December). That meant our parents had to split the money they were going to spend on Christmas presents, with getting us birthday gifts in the same month. Still, unlike the expensive gifts of laptop computers, cell phones and designer shoes the kids get today... we were just as thrilled to get model cars, toy guns and erector sets.

Well, we raced through opening our presents in about 10-minutes. I remember feeling a little let down because I got more clothes than "fun" stuff. Still, I managed to be entertained by some of the things I got.

An hour passed when my father looked over at me and said, "I think I see something over there"... I looked over and didn't see anything when he added, "What's that behind the couch?".

I got up and ran over to find a huge two-foot square box all wrapped with my name on it. I ripped it open as fast as I could and discovered a large record-player in a wooden cabinet. Wrapped along with the record player was an LP album - The Chipmunks Christmas record.

My Dad plugged it in and my Mom put the needle in and I opened the record. To my amazement, the record was pressed in RED see-thru vinyl. Not like the normal black disc, but red!

I played and played that record all day... and the next day... and through New Years. It was the best gift I ever got!

I no longer can remember what happened to the old record player, but guess what?!? I STILL have that red-vinyl Chipmunks record album today (a bit scratched up), but it's worth a million dollars in memories and will be with me until the day I die.

Eddie, your article was a great Christmas gift to me. It made me remember those feeling once more!
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That is, indeed, the heart of the matter. The marriage between an adult and an infant, as well as bestiality, aren't good counterparts because in those cases, the infant and the animal cannot give consent.
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