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When the girls in college began wearing them one professor in a class I was taking decided that student discussion was best served if the seating in the room was in a circle. The first day it was instituted, the young men in the class (yours truly included) rushed to get to class early and took up all the chairs on one side of the circle. The young ladies who straggled in later were forced to sit on the other side. The next time the class met, the chairs were lined up in the traditional rows. True story.
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The intro to the fantastic surf doc "Billabong Odyssey" (unfortunately it came out before HD was everywhere) has Mike Parsons riding what is considered by many to be the biggest wave ever caught on film. If you're into big wave riding and can find it, the whole documentary is amazing.
Mike Parsons on a 100ft wave
The first time I saw the footage I was blown away. The aerial shot keeps pulling back and keeps pulling back and keeps pulling back... but the bottom of the wave just never seems to come. And he manages to ride it all the way out of the spray. The Cortes Bank. Insanity.
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Checkers, IMO, has the perfect combo of condiments on their Big Buford but if it comes to sliders? There is a hole in the wall restaurant (more take-out than dine-in, but you can) in Livonia, Michigan. If you ever get there go to the crossroads of Farmington and 5 mile and you'll find Bate's hamburger restaurant. It's tiny, impossible to park but the food is wonderful. I am not a big fan of most french fries but they make crinkle cut fries that are perfectly cooked. So crisp (but not burnt) on the outside, soft, fluffy potatoes on the inside and a great taste. A bit of ketchup to finish it off and you will be in heaven. Their burgers are handmade. No fillers, nothing frozen. You will know and taste the difference. *sigh* Now I want to back there right now! Come July I will be!
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