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While I was at work, I had a close friend that said he knew about a stock that will make him rich and he was putting almost all his savings and paychecks into it. He said he wasn't telling anyone about it cause he can tell a good person from a bad and he felt I was a good person and he said he wish me and my family wealth. I listened to every word he said then just brushed it off that he is an old man. I had just listened and been polite. It was stock for the satellite radio. He is now retired with his 2 dogs and likes to travel. Good people do get rewarded I should of listened to him.
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For $40, it is a nice gift. On the other hand, I can get you started making world class brew for $40 in ingredients and $20 in equipment. For double that, your will have contest-ready beer. If you live near Southern California, drop by for a brew day. Usually one every other week.
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"I don't get this. Is Blernsball the exact same as Baseball?"
"Baseball? God forbid!"
"Face it Fry: Baseball was as boring as Mom and apple pie. That's why they jazzed it up."
"Boring! Baseball wasn't.. Hm. So they finally jazzed it up?"
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I didn’t know about the series for quite some time too. It was not until my supervisor at DISH showed me an episode a month ago that I really got hooked. I didn’t have enough time to watch it at home so I started checking out episodes at DISH Online while I am on business flights and now I am all set for season three. Freaking excited does not even begin to describe how eager I am for it to start.
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