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Did it!? I didn't think anyone actually read the box! Haha, well now you know my full name it seems -or at least a really sloppily written version of my name. I am one of a few people whose name you would see on an international order.

Hope you liked what you got!
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Great response. I agree with the in large part with what you think. I agree that the exploration of existential nihilism is central to the movie, and that it seems scary (existential nihilism) as hell. But I don't think that is a good excuse for the ending. If he survives the ending though, doesn't that change his perception though? He could now argue that someone was looking out for him (military arriving just in time, only enough bullets for everyone but him.. ect). At the time I just felt it was a cheep shot to leave a lasting impression.. which I guess it has because I am still thinking about it.. but cheap. Some of your thoughts are forcing me to rethink the ending though.. so thanks!

Sidenote: one of my roommates does script coverage regularly and he likes what you wrote.
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Thank you for supplying me with fresh nightmare material. I was running low ever since that Mayan calendar was found disproving the 2012 theory and my roommate stopped watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
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Here is a good recipe. Honestly, these cakes are so good that I often eat them so fast I develop hiccups from stuffing my face and breathing at the same time. I never get hiccups.
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Good thinking. Unfortunately.. our refrigerator manners here are very courteous. Too courteous if you ask me, I need some mystery in my life.
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Well he was a chef. I am actually a pretty big Bourdain fan as I watch his show, and I have read his book - Medium Raw. In the book he actually states he doesn't consider himself to be that good a chef and prefers to travel, write, and talk about cooking. I wholeheartedly agree he is better-qualified than Feiri.

I call him a non-chef because he doesn't own his own restaurant and as far as I know, he isn't currently working in anyone's kitchen. He is sort of a pompous jerk, but a lovable pompous jerk at that.
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I was thinking that maybe he went through surgery and it's to protect stitches or something. Look at the right foot and it is bandaged as well. Maybe he was in an accident or some such thing.
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A very valid argument, I like your point that popular music is made for escaping. I think that is dead on.

I also think you are right to point out that there is already a lot of music out there with real content. I agree with you as well- the reason I posted this is not because Macklemore is my favorite artist, indeed he is not, but because I think his music has the chance to infiltrate popular culture. Hopefully it will open people up to the idea that better music out there.
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