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Why does everyone attribute a spelling mistake or gaffe to a stroke? I had a stroke and believe me, it was no laughing matter. People don't make light of other disabilities. Why are strokes still fair game?
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Not insane, just brainwashed. Abusive men will convince a woman that she is at fault, he loves her, she makes him do these things, it's all her fault.
Besides that, the time an abusive man is most likely to kill a woman is when she attempts to leave him.
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Art collectors/speculators should be rewarded for returning stolen art, but prosecuted for trying to sell it. Perhaps a benefactor would come forward and payoff the dealer then donate it to the museum.
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to say the least, its extremely low iq and reckless to subject a newborn baby to ocean water
"Recent cases of flesh-eating bacterial infections have made headlines, yet you’re far more likely to wind up with nausea, diarrhea, or a respiratory infection after a trip to the beach. Researchers estimate bacteria in the waterways cause more than 90 million cases of stomach, respiratory, ear, eye, and skin-related illnesses every year in the U.S., while fewer than 1,500 cases of necrotizing fasciitis (aka flesh-eating bacteria) happen here annually, from any cause.

“Fecal matter, like from sewage discharge, is responsible for a lot of the pollution,” says Mark Mattson, president of Swim Drink Fish, an organization that promotes safe water. “After it rains, urban beaches are often contaminated from the runoff. And in rural areas, it’s agricultural pollution.”

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No matter how much I love my cats I'm not spending 3,000+ on a cat user friendly bed frame that has an open top where the cats can jump down on me while sleeping.
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Well, not a cougar story but our neighborhood has 2 families that have recently spotted a bobcat roaming around our area. It certainly has lots to eat since we are right by a river which is home to about 100 Canadian geese, about 40 or so wild ducks and many deer that seem to like my front yard. I had one in my backyard when I lived in Louisiana and they are beautiful cats and thrilling to watch them walk around with their giant fluffy paws. I wish it a safe and healthy new year.
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I've been reading Neatorama for a very long time and love the variety of articles here. But I must say that the number and placement of ads that were added in the past few years are almost too much for me. I can't stop coming here every day, but I'm still struck by how hard it has become to enjoy the content with the ad bombardment, especially the video ad looming large on the page...
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