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Catching Up On The Mustachioed Puppy

This mustacioed puppy has been an internet celebrity ever since his adorable mug made its way onto Reddit a few month's ago. More recently, the little chum's owner came forward with a more recent photo. Even if you're one of the many people who think ear cropping is inhumane and/or stupid looking (count me amongst those against the practice), there's no denying that the fantastic mustache on this pooch has kept him looking quite dapper.

Link Via Buzzfeed

This Man Invented the Plastic Pink Flamingo. He and His Wife Have Worn Matching Outfits for the Past 35 Years.

Donald Featherstone, an artist, is most famous for inventing the plastic pink flamingo lawn ornament. But people who know him and his wife Nancy well think of them as an incredibly close and romantic couple. For the past 35 years, they've worn matching outfits everywhere they go. Mrs. Featherstone writes:

Whoever gets there first gets to choose what we're wearing. It's not a stampede, though; we're both amenable to the other's choice. If we're going to a party, we'll discuss what to wear like any other couple, except the difference is we want to look the same. Someone once told me that if she and her husband came down wearing the same colour top, they'd change. What a shame to be so insecure. We both have very strong identities as individuals and wearing the same clothes doesn't affect this; clothes don't make your personality. Instead, dressing the same gives me a lovely feeling of closeness to Donald. I've never not felt like doing it; we've done it for so long now that it would feel unnatural not to.

Donald used to have to travel for business and when I packed his case, I'd tell him which outfit to wear on which day, so we coordinated even though we were apart. It helped us feel connected to each other. But his boss realised Donald was much more productive if I came along, too, so I'd help out at the conventions. It was good for business, because people would seek out our stall year after year to see what we were wearing.

We don't like to be apart. Donald proposed on our first date and we've been together almost all the time since. If you want to do things by yourself, why get married? Why have separate hobbies? We never argue – Donald says he learned long ago to say, "Yes, dear", but in fact it's because we have a strong foundation. Being with him is never an effort. [...]

All it is is a positive reflection of the nature of our relationship. We're a matched set.

Link -via VA Viper

(Photo: Webb Chappell/The Guardian)

No Shorts? No problem!

It can get really hot inside the train cab, but male employees are forbidden by management to wear shorts. Thankfully, they've figured out a way to, ahem, skirt around the ban:

"Of course people stare at you a little when you are on the platform, but you just have to put up with it," train driver Martin Åkersten told the local Mitti newspaper.

Åkersten is one of a group of 13 male employees who have been wearing skirts in order to keep cool while working the Roslagsbanan commuter train services.

"It can be over 35 degrees Celsius in the train cab on hot summer days," he said.

Åkersten's employers Arriva have meanwhile responded positively to the move and have given their approval to the men in skirts.

"To say anything else would be discrimination," communications head Thomas Hedenius told the newspaper.

Link (Photo: Wikimedia)

Solarium Made of Caramelized Sugar

William Lamson made this solarium out of 162 panes of caramelized sugar. Set on a remote hill, the translucent house is a place for quiet contemplation:

Like a mountain chapel or Thoreau’s one-room cabin, Solarium references a tradition of isolated outposts designed for reflection. Each of the 162 panels is made of sugar cooked to different temperatures and then sealed between two panes of window glass.   The space functions as both an experimental greenhouse, growing three species of miniature citrus trees, and a meditative environment.   In warm months, a 5x8 ft panel on each side of the house opens up to allow viewers to enter and exit the house from all directions.  In addition to creating a pavilion like environment, this design references the architecture of a plant leaf, where the stomata opens and closes to help regulate the plants temperature. Set within the open the landscape, the house functions as a hybrid sanctuary at once evoking a plant conservatory, a chapel, and zen garden.

It would make a fine wedding chapel, don't you think?

Link -via Colossal

Susanna Bauer's Embroidered Leaves

I wouldn't think it possible to embroider something as delicate as a leaf, but Susanna Bauer, an artist in the UK, can do it. She carefully wraps and edges leaves and, even more impressively, splices and shapes them with thread.

Link -via Knit Queer

Fantastic Crochet Blankets Featuring Retro Video Game Characters

There's nothing quite like snuggling up under Mr. and Mrs. PacMan's love scene or an army of Space Invaders. That's why Etsy seller PenelopeandClyde sells fantastic crocheted throw blankets featuring classic scenes from some of the most iconic retro video games. I seriously want this one after all the quarters I've spent trying to get these two to make babies.

Link Via Laughing Squid

16 Funny Restaurant, Coffee Shop and Bar Signs

Have you ever seen a sign outside a restaurant, café or bar that made you decide that you just HAD to eat there? It takes a clever mind and a gifted artist to be able to come up with such brilliant signs, but here and there, the signs are so good they even manage to make it off the street and onto the internet where they can live forever. Here are a few of the greatest street-side dining and drinking signs ever spotted online.

Vinnie’s Pizza

Brooklyn pizzeria Vinnie’s Pizza is so proud of the artwork and puns on their daily specials board that they actually have a Tumblr dedicated to them. We covered some of their Game of Thrones specials back in March, since then they’ve made some great new designs, including a whole slew of Arrested Development specials.

A few months ago, the restaurant made a special Grumpy Cat menu that might have even made Tard happy.

Personally, I’m pretty big on the Pear and Loafing in Las Vegan options, even if vegan spare ribs sound like they might cause some fear and loathing in my stomach.

Not A Burger Stand

Getting 10% off is great and all, but that’s still less than your standard tip. On the other hand, getting two meals for free (even at an inexpensive place like Burbank’s Not A Burger Stand) is a pretty big deal. In fact, I know quite a few people who would agree to be body slammed if it meant getting a free meal and even I would be willing to body slam a willing “friend” if it meant a free meal.

Not A Burger Stand is king when it comes to offering discounts for ordering in the voice of certain geeky characters. At one point, ordering in the voice of Fozzie Bear could have earned you a 10% discount and delivering jokes as Fozzie may have even won you some rotten tomatoes. For May 4th, ordering in Yoda’s voice would score you a discount and dressing in Star Wars gear would earn you a free meal.

 At one point in time, doing the Truffle Shuffle would save you 10%. On another day, you could save 10% by reporting your order as Ron Burgundy and score a free meal with any jazz flute performance.

Perhaps the board that the majority of Neatonauts would most appreciate is this Dalek one that promises a free meal if you arrive in a TARDIS.

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These Domo-kun Cookies Are Monstrously Adorable

If DeviantArt user cakecrumbs offered me one of his Domo cookies, I wouldn't know whether to cuddle it or bite its head off because they are just so darn cute. 


Calvin and Hobbes Retirement Cake

I can't think of a better concept for a retirement party cake than one that illustrates the final Calvin and Hobbes strip. Keira's Cakes of Glasgow, UK made this cake showing the two friends riding off to new adventures. You can see more photos of it at the link.

Link | Baker's Website

(Cartoon: Bill Watterson, Universal Press Syndicate.)

Science: The Sun Will Not Set on the British Empire for At Least Thousands of Years

At its height in the early Twentieth Century, the British Empire spanned a fourth of the world. That is why it was said that the sun never set on the Empire: it was always sunny in at least one part of Britain's possessions.

Except for a few Overseas Territories--mostly small islands--Britain has departed from its empire. Can it still be said that the sun never sets on it? According to Randall Munroe of xkcd, yes.

The biggest daylight coverage is provided by the Pitcairn Islands in the south Pacific Ocean. Those islands will experience a solar eclipse in April of 2342. Will the sun finally set on Britain on that date, assuming that it retains its current territory? No:

Luckily for the Empire, the eclipse happens at a time when the Sun is over the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Those areas won't see a total eclipse; the Sun will even still be shining in London.

In fact, no total eclipse for the next thousand years will pass over the Pitcairn Islands at the right time of day to end the streak. If the UK keeps its current territories and borders, it can stretch out the daylight for a long, long time.

But not forever. Eventually—many millennia in the future—an eclipse will come for the island, and the Sun will finally set on the British Empire.


(Images: Probert Encyclopedia, Randall Munroe)

Bicycle Brake Lamp

Rem is Dutch for "brake". It's also the name of this elegant lamp designed by Christian Vivanco. Click the brake handle to turn it on and off. 

Link -via Khool

In Case of Zombies...

Gearing up for the zombie apocolypse or periodic yard work? Well, this storage method for your yard tools can help with both while still making your back yard look all the more impressive and organized.


17 Desserts You Can Grill

It's barbecue season again, and while most people limit their grilling to meats and a few veggie sides, why not go all out and cook your dessert on the grill? As some one who has cooked all variety of things on the grill while waiting for the coals to cool down, I can tell you that grilled berries, stone fruits and pineapple are absolutely amazing. Add a little ice cream or chocolate and you've got yourself a dessert. I've also cooked donuts over a campfire (I really like roasting things on an open flame) and can assure you they would also be heavenly on the grill.


It's Time to Fire Steven Moffat

Count me as one of the many people totally over Steven Moffat's rule of Doctor Who. If you still aren't convinced that his story lines have become totally ridiculous, then check out the random Doctor Who plot generator at Us vs Th3m. Here's one I just created:

A flashback sequence introduces us to the Paradise Faction homeworld, but the Sonic Screwdriver picks up a gravity anomaly. The Doctor, Clara, and Clara’s two charges have tough choices to make about the Macra. The Doctor’s tears save the day. Katy from CBeebies features in a flashback sequence.

Sounds like a legit Moffat episode to me.

Link Via io9

Incredibly Tiny Crocheted Animals

Su Ami, a family-run studio in Vietnam, crochets adorably tiny animals and cartoon characters with embroidery threads. How do the artists manage to be so precise at that scale?

Link -via 22 Words

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