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There is far more room to make a film about battlefield combat *exciting* than a movie about childbirth or the monumentally crucial mission of properly nurturing a human being from birth to adulthood.

The root of the "problem" is the stark /difference/ between men and women, borne not from the crimes of men but rather from the furnace of nature, which is anything but an egalitarian. Though there exist certainly real and far more insidious patterns in Hollywood's sewage, the consequence of its control by a cohesive, powerful and ambitious ethnic minority, I would have to give even these detested moguls a pass on their depictions of women; it simply isn't their fault. The feminist position becomes that much more untenable when films that "fail" include LOTR, which re-wrote classics to include women as battlefield warriors.

I'm afraid your gripe is not with Peter Jackson, but rather the conveniently obese "earth goddess," m'ladies.
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Admit it: you state the chart to be "crap" because of its tip-of-the-iceberg implications concerning agricultural meat.

Nothing sends the public into frothing, red-faced hysteria so much as the slightest criticism of the wisdom of factory flesh farming.

The energy/resources/pesticide impact/habitat loss, etc. per lb. of protein from flesh vs. lb. protein from vegetable sources is so colossal as to end the argument. That is, except for one and only one irrefutable carno-argument: meat tastes better, dangit!

Whether you believe in global warming or not, the environment your kids live in matters, and the single greatest thing you can do to help it is to go vegetarian. If you must have meat, hunt it yourself! I'll buy the beer.
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You forgot to mention that he was a shameless plagiarist, including as it concerns the works he is most esteemed for. Had the Germans won WWII, we'd be worshipping the true (Italian and ethnic German) developers of his theories...
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