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"Okay, we were tolerating this until the name calling started. This thread is now closed to comments. Remember, name-calling and abusive comments will be deleted; repeat offenders will be banned." "We" were tolerating what, exactly? Interesting that you deleted my comment, but had no reaction to the one directly above it.
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Your post reads like an essay submitted by an undergraduate for a liberal arts course. Your writing style would probably earn good grades in today's lax teaching environment, but in the world beyond campus it reads like parroted, bureaucratic pettifoggery.

When people make absurd claims, they should expect to be called out, even ridiculed. That's what a healthy civic society feels like. Go ahead, give me your "numbers", "subtle reasoning", and brilliant media analysis. I speak from what I have witnessed with my own eyes : men's lives ruined, other men cowering in fear. And, having spent over a decade at college campuses, and a decade in the workplace, the idea that college campuses are worse is so laughable that I can only believe you write from within the cloistered confines of academe. I don't believe her. Based on my experinces, her story rings false. You do believe her, apparently. I don't hope to convince you or anyone else here, but I do think its important to speak out from time to time.
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Harassment is awful, and it happens on college campuses, albeit at a much lower frequency than elsewhere. But no, I don't believe that she is genuinely harassed that often. Having females near and dear to me, I'm well aware, and angered by ACTUAL sexual harassment. But I also have men who are near and dear to me, who in the current cultural climate are increasingly being treated as guilty until proven innocent, and are in fear of having their careers ruined by lying accusers, like "Jackie" at UVA, subject of the infamous and now retracted Rolling Stone rape claims, or the Duke Lacrosse players, or countless other less sensational incidents that occur daily in workplaces across the country. PlasmaGryphon: as a woman, you "might not understand it", but there is a witch hunt mentality developing toward all men that is not justified by the proportion of men engaged in harrasment. Women are victims, but there are many women who lie about being victims for numerous reasons. We hear only one side of the story, and a narrative is emerging where men IN GENERAL are portrayed as perpetual aggressors. There's politics behind it, and I smell a rat.
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I'm skeptical. Hundreds of articles? She gets dirty emails in the hundreds, and is inappropriately touched THAT often? What kind of weird magnetism does she posses? Whats' amusing about her profile is that she is studying Arabic and Islamic Studies at Loyola (imagine if she ever went to say, Egypt, and learned what male harassment is really like!). Clearly, she's a nutjob/pro victim that any male should run away from at maximum speed, if they don't want to be utterly ruined by her facile accusations. It would be great if she went through her career without accusing some poor shmo of glancing at her the wrong way, but we know that won't happen.
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The rollers (the narrow white tubes) reverse the direction in which the rear wheels push on the ground. Imagine a pair of two gears meshed together or rubber wheels. If one gear turns clockwise, the other must turn counterclockwise. The truck's rear wheels are like the driving gear in this case, and the rollers act like the other gear. The tire turns "clockwise", and the roller "counterclockwise", just like putting the vehicle in reverse (the front wheels can spin freely in either direction). The chains serve as axles for the rollers, keeping them in place under the wheels. Makes sense?
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Jeff: I think you've misunderstood this design. If the wind vector has a sufficiently large component parallel to the track, then then it would create a propelling force, which in turn would cause the car to accelerate. It was mentioned that the wind power would be "supplemented by electric motors", so not necessarily the prime source of power. I think you are right that a sail would be more efficient than the vanes shown in the engravings, but although it may not have been a good design there was no charlatanism to the idea. Referring to the top figure, the vanes would redirect the airflow such that the resultant force would have a "lift" component and a forward component (to the left in this figure). The double tracks are necessary to prevent the car from lifting from the tracks. Its a bit goofy, but not stupid, and creative dreamers help

Also, I love the look of those engravings. Imagine the skill it took to create those!
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Just imagine: no Internet, no worry of terrorism (in the US, at least), and if you could afford a cellular phone it would weigh about 20 lbs and could only run off a car battery. Also, imagine smoking on airplanes. If someone called, and you weren't home, you may have an answering machine. This device would contain a mini-cassette with your message. When the tape filled up, you had to hold a button down to erase all the messages. If you needed to check your bank balance in between statements, you would walk into your bank, fill out a form and hand it to the teller. Most people assumed the USSR would be around forever. Filing taxes required filling out a huge bundle with a black ink pen. If you wanted to see the photographs you took, you had go to take your film to a local photomat and wait (for your landline phone to ring) to hear when the prints were ready to pick up. You missed a lot!
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The question was: why is Venezuela having a shortage of toilet paper, a basic consumer commodity? Its not because the big mean USA has been snatching it up. And its not for lack of resources. Last I checked, the US could pay for its armaments and toilet paper.

Petro-dollars help lift the income of the poor during the latter half of the Chavez regime, but I'm rather skeptical that the quality of life has "vastly improved". The murder rate has tripled, and widespread corruption and intolerance of opposition threaten the future freedom of Venezuelans and other countries that may be menaced by the regime.

I never mentioned the United States. I did not say where I live, nor did I frame my comments in terms of a comparison with the US. You have made the effort at moral equivalence. Let us suppose that the US is bad, horrible country. Is that an excuse for what has happened in Venezuela, that the poor little Chavez regime is the victim of the US? Cry me an Orinoco river.
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Oh boo hoo. Venezuela sits on a mountain of petro-dollars (more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia). When not shutting down opposition TV stations, jailing political enemies, and funding FARC narco-terrorists, they've had time to spend $4.4 billion on a military shopping spree of Russian armaments. Sure, expenses run high when you have cronyism and mismanagement at every level of government, but surely the people deserve toilet paper!
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I was interested in the scientific paper itself, so I clicked. The paper begins: "At the Human Performance Institute, Division of Wellness and Prevention, Inc., in Orlando, FL, our clients are high-performing professionals from a variety of industries.". So, no, it is not a scientific paper.
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"Public outcry" should have absolutely nothing to do with the justice system in a nation of laws. But in this case, it wasn't just the "public" (Sharpton, New Black Panther Party with death threats), it was also the U.S. attorney general's office & FBI showing up in Florida and interfering with a state law enforcement matter. It doesn't seem possible that Zimmerman can get a fair trial, because of political interference with the justice system. Also, the "artwork" is pretty lame. As PC art typically is.
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