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I've only got 18. But I should get some credit for having seen "The Greatest Show on Earth" over ten times. And when I was a kid, that the movie made me want to start a circus in my basement. Which was a great idea, until my mom explained to me I couldn't set up a tight rope with two chairs and a jump rope.
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i'm not saying censor...i'm saying explain...explain why you think it is dumb...offer more respect by explaining why it doesn't appeal to you rather than just adding adjectives
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sometimes i think that i should just stop reading comments on this website...they make me angry and raise my heart rate and blood pressure...yeah, it's pretentious, but it is something the person obviously feels strongly about...we all have memories and different ways to deal with them...i'm an art student and i really don't care what people do for their art, as long as they are doing it for is better to create bad art and use at least part of your creative brain, than to do absolutely nothing

i watched a video once that said it is better to do something than nothing, and i believe that is the case in any field we chose to take something, build something, make your mark no matter whether it is a sketch on a napkin or a mold of your naked body

that isn't to say art shouldn't be criticized, but it deserves more respect than just "dumb dumb dumb," criticizing is doing something, but realize that she took time to make an object that obviously means something to her
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