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I think that's what I've got. I have an African Gray and when she's in a bad mood I walk right up and put my finger out for her to "set up." *chomp*
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In 25 years as an Undertaker I loved writing obituaries. Fascinating lives within a word limit. Obituaries are a paper boat you sail to future generations. When there's a death in your family take the opportunity to tell the world about them.
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First: Not to be a title Nazi but, if animals aren't on endangered species lists then what is? Next. I think most animals are endangered, even the ones we don't put on a list. The Indian Rhino is "doing fine" but what happens when all the other rhinos are poached? Finally, wolves. Ask a rancher out West and they'll tell you that they have a "shoot on sight" policy. They will gladly put their numbers even below the former fifty-five. That's still pretty endangered to me.
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I've seen a mother antelope hop over her fawn to induce it to fall flat. Once the fawn was down, mom slowly trotted away, keeping my attention. Way to go, Mom.
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I once mused that before Christmas shopping malls need Man Lounges. No kids, no women. Drop your man off, get a claim check. Inside he can shoot pool, watch the teevee, arm wrestle, whatever... The only women there would be Shopping Professionals who would get a list of people the men needed to buy gifts for, ask a few questions about the recipient, then go about the mall filling the guy's Christmas list, within his budget. It would all be paid for by the mall shop owners. I'll take your replies off the air.
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Neil Young will tell you that Jerry Garcia not only humbly took his place in American music, but that he did so with a vision and expertise that places him firmly in the genius level. And I will tell you that stopping to measure the genius of Axl Rose is like measuring the bounce of a flat tire.
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