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Question above: Why do the Yanks hate the French so much.

Well they like to think that they are the saviours of the world, the best at everything and the military might, the reality is they have never won a conflict on their own. This is hard for most yanks to comprehend, they like to think they won the first and second world wars, but in reality they played a very minor role they also like to think they defeated the British for independance and that it was over taxation without representation, however it was actually about avoiding paying interest on money borrowed from the crown, developing an independant monetary system, creating a masonic state (beginning of the New World Order)and becoming independant before Britain was able to abolish slavery as the colonies knew they needed slaves if they were to survive as an independant economy (see Ben Franklyn's correspondance with William Wilberforce) so Ben Franklyn belonged to the same masonic lodge as Robespierre who instructed General Lafayette to assist the colonials in the war against Britain. The French fought the US war of independance ( which lead to bankrupting France and in turn the tax increase to fund the war generated the French revolution, creating the second masonic state, the republic of France) so the Yanks dont like to admit they needed the French to help them fight the British they want to belive they did it all themselves but the French are always there to remind them, the easiest way to deal with that is to scandalise your enemy before he has chance to speak that way no one believes him when he does. Hate the French so hat way we dont have to teach out kids that actually it was the French who fought for out independance, we can just rewrite our own history to make ourselves look and feel better.

Also if you imagine the world as a school playground, All the other countries are kids playing. Britain is the smart kid all the girls are standing around, Australia is the kid eating worms and the USA is the fat trailer park kid from a broken home who's parents are alcoholics on prozak and he's a bully stealing other kids lunch money. France on the other hand is the smart educated kid with a healthy lunch, who understands art and passion, the dumb fat kid hates him out of jealousy but tries to keep telling himself he's better than the other kids, he's the best kid in the world when all he really is is a fat dumb bully no one likes.
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