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Nice rebuttal! Attacking the messenger and not their message; that's called "ad-hominem" which means: you have nothing to say so you just open your mouth and scream about nothing at all." This debate tactic is often applied by ignoramuses and crooked politicians. I don't think you are a politician...

Let me invoke a few of your other debate tactics before you get the chance to use them: "If you don't like this country, leave" or "you're working with the terrorists and want them to win" or "we have to fight terror now or face them at home" or "it was Bill Clinton's fault!"

Looking back at Rudy applying this technique on Ron Paul the other night, I'm sure that some other people in your audience read your mindless blathering and applauded your bright shining intellect, but those people are also idiots, so I hope you got some nice circle-jerk emails from them.

So I guess your outrage meant that you took personal offense from his comment about brown-shirt wanna-be's. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
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