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I guess councilman Orville Redenbacher doesn't like people ordering anything "green" on their pizza. There was a coffee shop near me that had a reputation like that, it kept shortening the time it stayed open due to police influence. It attracted night life regulars and I met some interesting people there and had good conversation, but with those people cut out of the profits it shut down.
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I was neither smart nor popular in public school. Looking back at those days makes me wish I was never born. Glad to be done with them.
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I've read about the various unorthadox medical practices which took place back then, and I'll have to see the link later at home. Unfortunatly it's being blocked by the network at work being tagged as "entertainment".
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The vision diet reminds me of my graphic design days. When putting together a poster/advertisement with a photograph of food, you want to remove as much blue(cyan) from it as possible. Pyschologicly, blue is the least appetising colour.
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I remember a similar story about how a couple of these signs were left on 3 days after the construction was finished yet they still said "construction ahead". Apparently the password was written above the monitor with a sharpy. He changed to two signs to say "Klatu Verata Nicto", and "UFO Landing Area". A day later they were taken away finaly. There's a time and a place for Jackassery, it's up to you to figure out when that is.
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He refused to take the drug test so tabloids can say that he had Ketamine, HIV medications and pez in his bloodstream. Don't want to give an answer? No problem, lets just make one up!
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I knew all of these facts but the part about the mountain, I don't know if I overlooked it at the Darwin exhibit when it was at the Royal Ontario Museum if it was there 6 or 7 months ago. I would also like to add that Herbert Spencer is a douche. They even had the long tongued moth seen bellow.

I'm suprised the creationists havn't dug into this post yet.
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