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I dislike child the use of child actors. Not only do I find them annoying, but they are only used a a cute face that says a redundant line while the canned audiance awws afterwords. Once they out grow the cute, then are discarded and most are found without any worthwhile skills, have excess amounts of cash and with it turn to drugs to dull themselves from the depression they feel, and for most of them it's just a recipe for disaster.
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It's interesting how these breeding habits can be so specific, and seem almost inefficient and inflexible compared to others. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures in some situations, but when those times are past, these evolved rituals stay intact.
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It's missing a snake with a harmonica. They always forget about the poison claw... that's why they are never a match for the mighty platypus!
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Never really thought of the idea, but I'm sure that all the male script writers didn't either.

But how do all the female Neatorama commenters feel about this. Should a movie fit this criteria, would it make the movie better, and if so why?
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I don't know why you're complaining about that, I think they do the job. There is pretty good content on the interwebs with a lot worse graphics to back it up.
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All this hate towards steampunk & furry culture is giving me an idea for my next Halloween costume. I better get started on flushing out this Mecha-Bear idea.
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Do a web search for "Human Weapon Eskrima". All techniques which are used with weapons can just as easily be used while unarmed. It's a very addaptive martial art. Kali is used usualy when refering to the roots of the martial art, while eskrima is more modern.
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