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My friend from Hungary said there is a belief that you should not eat bird of any kind (chicken or turkey) on Christmas to New Years, but instead you should eat pig. A bird will fly away with your luck, but a pig with its snout will find its way to luck for you. During the beginning of this year I gave her one of those LED pig key chain flashlights, and she very much enjoyed it! Thanks Neatorama!
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The red Power Ranger is holding Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 (Also from the Final Fantasy movie Advent Children). The last guy wearing the gas mask I think is a Helghast trooper from the Killzone games. Third from the bottom looks like a generic SoulCaliber character, while the one above it looks like it could be from Valkyria Chronicles.
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I suppose this is useful for people who are in complete denial that they are nearsighted but are able to fake their way though recognizing blurry letter shapes.
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This is as logical is digging a pot hole in your parking lot, and expecting people to pay whenever they accidently drive into it. But to play devil's advocate here, leaving a trail of how many footstep? How oblivious can you be to take multiple steps before you realized you've stepped in a basin of peanut butter?
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My sister bought a National Trust membership when she visited in the couple last years. The only problem I can see possible issues with the border customs regarding having had visited a farm, but since this is a well recognized operation they probably take that into concern.
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Problem with this is still a lack of a portable power source, so I don't see this being any more feasible then a forklift yet. It's cool that the development is happening though.


Bipedal vehicles won't ever happen.
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The word Samurai means "To Serve", and lives by a code of rules, where a ninja is a mostly freelance operative who does anything to get the job done.
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I've watched a woman display combat fan techniques. It's a got a good amount of weight to it considering the metal strips in it, and some in the past have had blades in them. When the fan is closed, it can be used as a blunt lunging weapon, but when opened up, it makes quite the unexpected sound which can be used in distract the opponent as well as an aid to block you opponent's field of view.
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@Charlie Bluefish

That's the problem. There is so much room open for interpretation, yet there are so many yahoos out there that "know" the true answer. That's why there are so many sects inside these religions, they can't come to an agreement with their difference of opinion, when both sides declare themselves as being right.

@Ben Eshbach

Actually religion is found to be a defense mechanism for those who suffer from delusions caused me mental illnesses or childhood trauma to help them cope with the unexplained that only they can see. We have better ways of helping those people today, but that's all they had back then.
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It doesn't surprise me how uncomfortable people are with the idea that such a concept can exist. There's a lot going on with the unconscious processes of the brain, and I don't really think that people want to conceder an uncontrollable "off switch". There are various habits of animals which make instinctual acts, and example would be fish, who would eat their own young in order to protect them, and such a thing is difficult thing to understand and rationalize logically.

One day, I was listening to a girl who was with friends the previous night and accepted some psychedelic drug from a friend without even knowing which one it was (I told her that was stupid, and she agreed). While experiencing the effects of it she felt like she could fly, and considering that she lived in an apartment, as a precaution she died a string around her ankle and the other end to the leg of her bed. She woke up on her floor, laying flat facing the balcony door. There are things that go on in our heads that we aren't readily aware of.
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I dislike child the use of child actors. Not only do I find them annoying, but they are only used a a cute face that says a redundant line while the canned audiance awws afterwords. Once they out grow the cute, then are discarded and most are found without any worthwhile skills, have excess amounts of cash and with it turn to drugs to dull themselves from the depression they feel, and for most of them it's just a recipe for disaster.
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It's missing a snake with a harmonica. They always forget about the poison claw... that's why they are never a match for the mighty platypus!
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