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My friend from Hungary said there is a belief that you should not eat bird of any kind (chicken or turkey) on Christmas to New Years, but instead you should eat pig. A bird will fly away with your luck, but a pig with its snout will find its way to luck for you. During the beginning of this year I gave her one of those LED pig key chain flashlights, and she very much enjoyed it! Thanks Neatorama!
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The red Power Ranger is holding Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 (Also from the Final Fantasy movie Advent Children). The last guy wearing the gas mask I think is a Helghast trooper from the Killzone games. Third from the bottom looks like a generic SoulCaliber character, while the one above it looks like it could be from Valkyria Chronicles.
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I suppose this is useful for people who are in complete denial that they are nearsighted but are able to fake their way though recognizing blurry letter shapes.
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This is as logical is digging a pot hole in your parking lot, and expecting people to pay whenever they accidently drive into it. But to play devil's advocate here, leaving a trail of how many footstep? How oblivious can you be to take multiple steps before you realized you've stepped in a basin of peanut butter?
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My sister bought a National Trust membership when she visited in the couple last years. The only problem I can see possible issues with the border customs regarding having had visited a farm, but since this is a well recognized operation they probably take that into concern.
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