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Why? Is there something wrong with the idea two dolls that are different colors going for a ride in the barbie corvette and moving in together in the barbie mansion if the conversation is lively and they like each other?
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I read this article last week and what I gathered from it was that some women have become so entrenched in their education and careers that marriage is no longer an option for them. I felt she wrote this article to say that American women are actively pursuing PhDs instead of husbands like the women of the 40s and 50s. I also noted that the idea of having to choose between staying singled and getting married scares some women, who really do want it all but can’t make it work in our New York Minute life and the new ‘hook-up’ relationship style so many people fancy.

I’m a huge believer in marriage, traditional and non-traditional, because I think dedicating yourself to someone is important. The act of loving can make someone’s life worth living. But marriage vows have to be exchanged with sincerity, and far too often they are not. That’s why marriage is on the decline. People don’t care about each other anymore.
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