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Actually I think this is a good concept. I personally knew two people that dated at work, and they were in the same department and work schedule. It was hot and heavy, and he broke up with her after a year or so. It was not pretty to say the least, and it really negatively affected the department. The lady was quite unwell and was prone to emotional fits and outbursts. I mean, it's not good when you start screaming uncontrollably at your co workers for no fault of their own.

So regardless of what others may think this is a good concept and an example.
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I'm currently watching episode three, all I can say is that Ken Burns just has a magic for making documentaries that just catch your attention and hold them for the entire series. It's not like we haven't heard some of these stories before, but the way the whole package is put together, the archival films, the interviews, etc., is just pure magic.

The interviews with former veterans is simply awe inspiring. What continues to amaze me is the savagery and brutality of the battles in both theaters of World War 2. What also struck me was how the war department censored all news coming from the front, especially the Pacific theater, to keep all the horrendous casualties out of the public eye. It wasn't until 1943 and the battle of Tarawa that a horrified American public became aware of the tremendous cost.

Indeed the generation that fought WW2 was the greatest generation. There is no way our current generation would have the stomach to fight a war like that, where a single campaign that lasted a few months would exceed the current casualty rate from Iraq by a factor of two or more.
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