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I agree with JoeD!

Miss Cellania, I loved your Flapper photos on Mental Floss!

You do great work, I am very lucky you do such excellent work on my articles for Neatorama!!
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Thank you for the kind words, Dr. Chocolatex and anonymous coward.

Your words are much appreciated.

And huh, you make a good catch and I swear, I tried and tried to research Joseph Jr., and I couldn't find any mentions of his later life anywhere!

I too wonder what happened to him?????
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Thanks for the wonderful photos you found for this article, Miss Cellania!

That second photograph, the one of John Lennon riding on that flat bed truck, is actually a very historic photo.

That is John Lennon being driven to that very first singing gig-the day he met Paul McCartney.
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Hi to everyone who read and/or commented on this article. I do see the point of those who state "you should have cited exact dates and locations where these books were banned". I think that is a fair and valid point. Yes, context is important, and in the article's introduction I should have stated: "The following examples are all of books once banned in certain areas and at a certain time in the U.S." Yes, I can see how the article's title could be misleading. My apologies for any misunderstandings caused.
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Thanks Miss Cellania. As is quite obvious to everyone, politics is a very "hot button issue". I hope the article didn't upset anyone and I wish all Neatorama readers a great day!
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