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You can add to that list two more female writers from Argentina: Alfonsina Storni and Alejandra Pizarnik.

Alfonsina Storni walked into the sea ( like Virginia Woolf), Alejandra Pizarnik overdosed on Seconal.
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The video is kinda funny,but it also shows how americans see everybody south of the border...like funny men who speak a silly language. Like it or not, Cuba survives in the face of USA, a heavy neighbor to have. Cuba used to be USA´s bordello, run by washington's puppets. Like it or not, right or wrong, Cuba has made its own decissions.

And about that silly language...get used to it cabrones, because we latinos breed like crazy while the wasp waste their childless lives trying to control the money world...in less than 100 years, USA will no longer be an english speaking country...who will laugh then?
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