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The "Myth" in "Mythbusters" is that the show has anything to do with real science or engineering.

Most of their "myths" can be solved with pencil and paper an basic physic/math skills.

It's way closer to "professional" wrestling then "Bill Nye the Science Guy".

Entertaining, yes - but Science, only by happenstance.
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Darn, I told my wife we should have bought the Brooklyn Bridge when that one nice NY gentlemen offered to sell it to us, and at a surprisingly low price.
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Good job on the original article....but, it'd be nice if you had a "stories section" for the full length article and put a short blurb on the front page just like any other article. You'll still get your SEO (assuming you put your stories section under your main domain) and be able to digg it, it just won't take up so much scrolling space on the front page.
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