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I discovered pide in London at a place called Tas Pide. I had eaten at another Tas location in Bloomsbury and loved it, and after visiting Shakespeare's Globe on the south bank of the Thames, noticed a related restaurant called Tas Pide. The main difference between the two is that the one near Shakespeare's Globe serves pide. They're glorious. It was by far my favorite meal of my two-week excursion. Since returning stateside, I've found pide at one place, but it wasn't anything like the stuff I had in London ... and I imagine the stuff I had in London probably pales in comparison to what you can get in Istanbul.
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So, let me guess ... the human turned one turtle upside-down just to see what the other turtle would do about it, then posted it all as a supposedly heart-warming YouTube video.

I mean, don't get me wrong ... it's very cool that turtle #2 stepped up to help turtle #1 ... but why didn't the human take care of it? Even if he/she didn't turn the first turtle upside-down, the turtle's suffering could have ended a lot sooner with some human intervention. But no, the first instinct was to get it all on video. Nice.
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"Cancelled twice, Family Guy survived both times, and is now rightly acknowledged as one of (if not 'the') funniest cartoon shows in the history of television."

Yeah. Not real objective there. (OK, it's Neatorama. But still.)

I've seen "Family Guy." It sucks. It's the worst kind of puerile, lowest-hanging-fruit humor. No intelligence to it at all. And that pattern seems to hold for the rest of MacFarlane's work. His sense of humor apparently stopped developing around the fifth grade.
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Interesting timing for this piece. Over the weekend, I watched "Joint Security Area," a Korean film that takes place in the Panmunjom Joint Security Area. Great film -- but watch it with the original Korean audio track and English subtitles ... the English dubbing (which I typically avoid anyway) is particularly awful on this DVD.
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