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Fascinating, but what an awful website. Can't just click and view, you have to click on a thumbnail, then on the image to see it in full res - but now you can't progress, you have to go back and do it all again for the next page.
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Time and again I return to Blazing Saddles as one of the finest films I've ever seen. It's just so beautifully absurd but very much to the point. Anti-racism at its best.
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Exactly. A lot of research seems to be blindingly obvious, but that's the whole point in this instance. We know it works, but we're not clear why - and it may not be the obvious answer. As, indeed, on this occasion it turned out not to be.
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I used to service music equipment and one of our customers was the officers' mess at Woolwich Arsenal. This was when the IRA were blowing things up quite a bit. I turned up in an estate car full to the brim with boxes and cases and stuff. The guard on the gate looked underneath with a mirror on a stick, said it was all clear and waved me through.

I didn't even have genuine ID - just a card I'd made myself from one of my boss's business cards, some Letraset and the library's laminator.
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I did this with Year 3 at the kids' school once. Raided the bin for catering size baked bean tins, raided the garden for watering cans and sticks, helped ourselves to some lumps of metal from an old fence and did the Cave Man Stomp all round the building. 25 seven year olds taking turns to start a rhythm for everyone to copy while leaping about howling like the monsters from Where The Wild Things Are was magic.
Wasn't utterly popular with the other classes - they all wanted to come and join in.
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I love M*A*S*H - my wife and I worked our way through the whole set a while ago.
If you ever decide you can't do without it, make sure you get the deluxe edition which gives the option of turning off the laughter track. Without, it's really funny. With, it's awful.
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Best of luck to him. Must say those control-surfaces are very large and have no aerodynamic balance, which is going to make them very heavy to operate.
Probably wouldn't have gone with a Beetle engine, either - they're heavy for the power - a motorbike engine would have produced much more power for half the weight.
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