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The bottles were reused, not recycled - there's a big difference, particularly in the amount of energy used in production.

Provided you can get the bottles back without too much fuel cost, which should be manageable using the existing supply chain and delivery runs, it's far better to reuse than recycle.
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Your plane's shadow should always be inside a rainbow - since the central axis of a rainbow is in a line with your head and the sun, as is the plane's shadow.
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My dad remembered these from the mid 1920s when he was at school in this building in Barnes. There were two to each table, and after they'd had lunch on the tables they turned them over and in pouches underneath were the hammocks which they had to sling and climb into.
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There's a shop not far from here which, three years ago, was selling these for ten quid a go.
That's nearly fifteen of your American-type dollars.
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The one I want is Larry Niven's "variable sword". A monomolecular thread with a bead on the end, held in a stasis field. Slices through anything cleanly, can be extended up to several meters.

Perfect for tiling, woodwork, brickwork, plumbing...just about everything.

Oh, and can I borrow your medbay (Niven's autodoc) to put fingers back on, please?
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~I'm proud to say that three of our four would shred the costume, and any human silly enough to try to put them in it. Chlorine - well, she's just daft.
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Near us there's a carpet shop "WELLIINGTON CARPETS"

I've never been in there because I just know I'd have to mention in and they'd either be cross because they already knew, or cross because they didn't know. So I just drive past it from time to time.
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Definitely Seuss. When I was a kid we only had The Cat In The Hat and, I think, The Cat In The Hat Comes Back.
When we had kids we made sure we had the lot - it's one of the things that shaped both their senses of humour.
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