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I bet any money that the football coach in Texas is none other than UT's Mack Brown. Screw teaching these kids how to read, let's throw millions of dollars to a football program to entertain the masses and see boys completely tear apart their bodies before age 22. Trust me ... I LOVE FOOTBALL! But state and federal government's allocation of tax money is ridiculous. These coaches are not gods.
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It's a voting stick that our ancestor's used to deal with the "hanging chad" problem before it was even a problem. You fill in the hole with the corresponding candidate listed on the chiseled rock in the voting cave. It solidifies the phrase "they don't make'em like they used to."

More Awesome Than a double rainbow - Navy M - regular tshirt fit
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It's for separating a single layer of toilet paper from the rest of the roll after you're done doing you business. The worst is when you have to start a whole new roll that's all glued up and you end up having a wad of shredded TP. That's a sad panda day.

more awesome than a double rainbow - M
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