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I haven't seen the documentary, as I usually only get to watch such channels when at a hotel late after a conference or visiting family, and that rare time is spent seeing how bad the History channel has gotten.

But I have noticed in the past that it is amazing how much trust people will put into what they see in a documentary. I grew up with adults constantly reminding kids, "You can't trust what you see on TV," yet as it has gotten much, much easier to produce your own documentary, on TV or not, it seems such advice has dwindled. And it doesn't help that the confidence instilled in the viewer sticks even if the viewer doesn't actually remember what they saw all that well (a given show might have been right, even if they remember it wrong).

What this all comes down to is that I've gotten stuck in situations where people insist they are right about something because they've seen it on a documentary. "Oh, I wrote my thesis on that topic, do you want to see any citations out of a long list that agree with me?", "No need, I'm sure I'm right." "Oh, that is something that can easily be setup with lecture demo equipment we have, do you want to see it?", "No need, I've already seen it doesn't work on some video."
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