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I would say the evil has already been committed and there probably is only a small chance that the textbook would again be used for evil. If it is being used to help people then morally I think it is permissible. I do find the whole idea morally ambiguous but this is the conclusion that I came to.
I posted the above before reading the article. It was a very interesting read!
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i live on the prairies in S. Sask and we have a tree north of our town called the lone tree. Most local people honk at it on the way by and sometimes people tie yellow ribbons around it because of the old song.
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My grandparents had a barbed wire phone to their neighbours in the 1950s just north of Montana in Saskatchewan. I don't know when they got an actual phone line to the closest town.
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My dad tells a story of a man who was casting and got a fishhook stuck in his back. Being all alone, he attempted to pull it out by reaching over his shoulder and ended up getting his hand stuck in the fish hook. To add insult to injury, he was a good hour away from the hospital and had to drive himself into town one handed.

My dad heard the story from the doctor who had to help the poor guy. The doc was trying to make my dad feel better for getting a fish hook in his hand from digging around his tackle box.
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So maybe you all should be expecting your politicians to be discussing things like this rather than walls and tacos and hispanics. I decided to look into how much I pay for healthcare and I found this article: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/true-cost-of-health-care-to-average-family-is-11k-per-year-report-1.2525114

So, since I have been paying into the system for many years and my only hospital stays were to have my two children, I have actually paid much much more to have my kids here in Canada. Still won't complain though, I'm happy with healthcare in Canada.
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This also brings up the question of why alcohol consumption is demonized more in modern times.

I think that this could be clarified a bit by saying, "in America." European culture and Canadian culture are much more open about alcohol. When in Europe, I found that many people would have a drink with lunch then head back to work but in my experience, that is quite taboo in the States. I have other examples but soon this will be TL;DR. As a Canadian, I would be curious what the differences are bw American and Canadian culture in regards to alcohol consumption.
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I think there is a potential benefit to it. Being part of the working poor is truly unfair and these individuals don't have a lot of options or time to be activists to fix the disparity. I'm not saying that asking wealthy college students will fix the wage disparity in America but awareness could be beneficial in the long run.

Italy used to have a year of mandatory military service or a year of volunteering. It was for men only and just ended in 2005. I like the idea of serving your country either through military service or by helping the disadvantaged. It put everyone on a level playing field for a year.
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