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well if vanityfair was the only place this picture was at then it wouldn't be as big of a deal but it's plastered EVERYWHERE and the media is reminding everyone that "this teenage icon" Miley Cyrus is the one in the pictures. Kids hear that name and they perk up and pay attention.
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no, they are not provacative in the least, they are very beautiful pictures, FOR A 20 YEAR OLD!!!!! I understand everyone thinking that it is an innocent beautiful picture but for a 15 year old girl who has little 1st graders watching her she needs to be more responsible in what she is doing. She could do this in a few more years when she is older and more mature. Yes, when you step into the role that she is in you can't be treated like a little innocent little girl BUT she needs to (and her agents & parents need to) be more responsible and think about the little girls that are watching her.
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In addition to society thinking that this is OK, we have to remember that there are as young as 4 year old girls watching this icon and if we keep going younger and younger with this as accepted than what age will it be ok for girls to have sex??? This is insane people. I am sickened and disgusted with society right now!
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So everyone seems to be forgetting that she is still only 15 years old!!! This is insane, would you allow your own 15 year old girl to get behind a sheet naked and have someone take a picture of her for the whole world to see? I don't know about you but my girls are too precious to be exposed like that. This is exactly what is wrong with our society when people think that this is OK. So what if we saw it in middle school, high school or whenever doesn't mean it makes it right! I can't believe that everyone seems to think this is ok.
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