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how about taking better care of all our indigenous people who are struggling for survival and against the influence of the "modern" world first, before we bring back the neanderthal? just like we should first make sure that NO animal living today is in danger of extinction any more before we bring back mammoths, sabre tooth tigers and dinosaurs.
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c r labombard - why does it have to be a replacement? there is a countless amount of recipes and dishes in the world, nobody who would stop eating beaf or any other kind of meat would have to starve, eat tasteless food or be forced to eat things he does not like. why limit yourself to a very small variety on a planet that is so full of culinary options?
soy for example is a substance very much like flower, it can be made into a great variety of products with many different flavours. it does not have to be your run-off-the-mill tasteless tofu.

in my many years of being a vegetarian (out of ethical reasons, that is) i have encountered a huge number of people that "defend" their meat-eating in no way different to how smokers defend their smoking, alcoholics their booze.
hold your horses, i am by now way claiming that human carnivores are addicts, but it strikes me odd to see how important meat is to many people, as if every incentive or motivation to reduce their consumption were a direct threat to their personality or freedom.

and to still claim that all statistics which prove that meat-consumption with all its consequences (energy/resources/pesticide impact/habitat loss, like you said, neil) cause many problems on this planet, social to environmental, are crap, is like claiming the world is flat and in the center of the universe. go to the amazon, see the endless monocultures of soy (being shipped to europe to feed cattle) and the cattleranches as large as small countries, and all this where lush green tropical rainforest used to live. zoom to "rondonia" on google earth, and you can see the impact from the comfort of your own home.

nobody is asking anybody to stop eating meat. but be conscious about it, please.
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