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Kitten Is Fascinated by Her Reflection in the Mirror

(Video Link)

There's another cat in the house!

And he's a handsome fella. Kinda weird, though. He scrunches his body up in odd ways. Still, it's worth examining him closely.

So he is a permanent resident, or just passing through? Because I've got dibs on the couch.

-via Laughing Squid

A First Look at Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

Get ready for a movie we’ve waited over thirty years for! I don’t know if Pee-wee Herman is having a midlife crisis or what, but in this film, he decides to shake up his life with a holiday road trip. Which turns into a comedy of errors.

(YouTube link)

Pee-wee's Big Holiday, Herman’s comeback movie, and the sequel to his 1985 movie Pee-wee's Big Adventure, will premiere at SXSW in Austin and will be available at Netflix starting March 18. -Thanks, Rusty Blazenhoff!

Bei Bei the Panda Cub Takes First Steps, is Rewarded with Hugs from Mama

YouTube Link

Smithsonian’s National Zoo is home to Bei Bei, a 3-month-old giant panda cub. In this footage, Bei Bei's doting mother looks on as the cub takes his first  albeit unsteady  steps.

In the part of the video that elicited an "aww!" from me, Bei Bei's mom, seemingly as a reward for the cub's brief adventures in independence, scoops him up like a human would with a baby and gives him a big (panda) bear hug.

Keep up with Bei Bei and his mom at the Smithsonian National Zoo's live panda cam. Via Uproxx

African Lion Litter Delights Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo
 staff was thrilled to welcome this litter of African lion cubs, two males and a female, on September 21. The first births of this species at the zoo since 2003, the cubs are the offspring of mother Zuri and father Nyack. Despite being a first-time mother, the zookeepers report that Zuri is perfectly loving and nurturing with her adorable cubs.

See precious additional pictures and learn more about the birth and the African lion species at Zooborns.

Images: Jackie Curts / Indianapolis Zoo

A Baby Polar Bear's Mighty Struggle to Roll Over

YouTube Link

Watching this painfully cute polar bear cub try to turn over brought out, as those on the internet are wont to say, "all the feels." The longer I watched his frustrating struggle, the more I began to lay blame. Where's the mother? Why is he indoors in this little box? Where is his ice and fish and chilly polar bear beverage in a frosty mug? Finally when he turned over, looking exhausted enough to pass out from the exercise, I felt the polar relief. You? Or is it just me because polar bears are one of my favorite animals? Via Daily Dot

Strive On

It began with Pheidippides 2,500 years ago. Now it's your turn. Run.

(Video Link)

In a powerful ad by the Wieden + Kennedy agency, Nike urges you to keep running. Even if you're dead last in the race, you can finish the race. You can become a runner simply by persisting.

-via American Digest

Canines With Big Grins


If there's anything more smile-inducing than an adorable canine, it's an adorable, happy canine with a big smile. This user-submitted article is an ever-growing collection of doggies who are openly expressing their joie de vivre. Their enthusiasm is positively contagious.  



Little Boy Interrupts Baseball Game to Say "I Love You" to His Dad

(Video Link)

Trip hit the ball and had a straight shot to first base. He could have reached second base, too. But his dad was the first base coach. Trip had a greater priority: telling his dad that he loves him.

Dad responds, "I love you, too. Run to second base."

-via 22 Words

A Hospice Serenade

The 1943 song “You’ll Never Know” was always special to Laura and Howard Serena. She sang it to him as he left for World War II. She sang it to herself for comfort while he gone to war. They sang it together at their 50th anniversary party. At family gatherings, they would sing it to each other, alternating verses. Laura is 93 years old now, and blind. Howard is 92 and uses a wheelchair. When Howard visited her hospice room, he sang the song to her again.  

(YouTube link)

Their granddaughter Erin Solari recorded the moment. Things have changed a little bit since then.

She said the response to the video, which was first posted on Facebook, was an “outpouring of love [which] lifted everyone's spirits” and eventually convinced the hospice staff that she was well enough to go home to spend her final days with her husband.

Warning: onion cutting. -via Metafilter

Charlie the Miniature Horse is Ridiculously Cute

YouTube Link

Charlie the almost painfully adorable miniature horse is full of enthusiasm and mini-swagger. The video description on this clip says Charlie "likes to get a little crazy in the late afternoons...there's a wild stallion in there somewhere." He may be a mini, but he's a major force to be reckoned with. Give that boy a carrot!

Cats vs Zombies

Who will take charge after the zombie apocalypse? Who has the skills to save us from the zombie hoard? Why, it’s the internet’s favorite thing: cats!

(YouTube link)

From Mr.TVCow comes the cutest little guerrilla fighters ever, with a mad plan to save the world from the dangerous zombies! (And to prove once again, that cats are better than humans, at least on video.) -via Metafilter

The Last Surviving 9/11 Rescue Dog Returns to New York

In September of 2001, Denise Corliss of Texas Task Force 1 and her trained search and rescue dog Bretagne answered the call to come to New York City and search the ruins of the World Trade Center, first for survivors, then for bodies. Bretagne later helped in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ivan, and retired at age nine. The golden retriever still volunteers for light duty at an elementary school.

(YouTube link)

Fourteen years later, Bretagne is the last known living of the hundreds of service dogs who worked the site. BarkPost and 1 Hotels teamed up to bring Bretagne and Denise back to New York for the dog’s 16th birthday celebration! Other sponsors joined in to make the trip special. Bretagne rode around in a limousine, frolicked at the park, and enjoyed a birthday party with cake and gifts. That’s a good dog. -via Uproxx

Come for the LOLs, Stay for the Debate

The folks at reddit are doing image memes based on places. It’s a twist on the old “come for the ____, stay for the _____” slogan. It started off with Arkansas. Colbert did that one long ago.

Shortly afterward, Minnesota joined in. The Minnesota karma train roared through the discussion.

Chicago was mentioned in the comments under the Minnesota post.

Then there was Nashville. As in the other posts, opinions were divided as to the city’s advantages and drawbacks.

North Dakota is currently the highest-ranked post of this kind. There may be more coming.

Scientists Take to Twitter to Talk the Cutest Animal on Earth

Image: @Zookeeperjake

Scientists and animal lovers from all over the globe are engaged in a Twitter battle to find the cutest animal on the planet. This exercise, filed under hash tag "#CuteOff,"  can also be seen branching off into enthusiasts of certain species, as evidenced by hashtags such as “#TeamHerpetology” and “#TeamEntomology.” 

How is the winner chosen, you might ask? Well, there is no winner. But some call the fact that Twitter is awash with cuteness a win in itself. Explore the adorable images posted in the CuteOff here.  Via Design Taxi

Touchdown Jackrabbit

Yesterday at the Canadian Football League Labor Day Classic in Calgary, the star of the show was a jackrabbit that rushed the field. Maybe he was trying to teach the players a thing or two about speed. Anyway, the rabbit was penalized 15 yards for excessive end zone celebration.

(YouTube link)

Honestly, the crowd cheered so loudly when he crossed the goal line, the rabbit couldn’t help but launch himself several feet up. Then he immediately ran the field the other way to score again for the other team. He sure put on a show! A good time was had by all. Well, we don't know about the rabbit- he didn't grant any post game interviews. -via reddit

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