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Start-stop motors are popular in Germany, which does get winters. The thing is, the start-stop function is smart enough to do it only when the engine temperature is within the proper range. I have done tests of driving a Smart Fortwo with the eco function on and with it off for2 kilometres each trial, in city traffic. Using the eco mode does save a few litres.
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Though the image isn't clear, the "rescue lane" is most often between the left and center lanes when there are three lanes in the same direction. This makes sense because most accidents are in the left lane. If first responders have to use the shoulder, then they cannot reach the scene as easily.
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One other thing not though of: as a guerrilla army, each pilot needs to have his vehicle with him at all times. We never see Luke taking his X-Wing on a recreational trip, it is always with a purpose that is tied to the Rebellion, and in his role as commander done with his ability to set his own agenda. Guerrilla armies require much more autonomy from their field commanders, as they are discouraged from making contact for long stretches of time.
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The German version has a hedgehog instead of a tortoise, and the hedgehog wins not by being faster, but by getting his wife to stand at the end of the race course and pretend to be him.
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