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As the parent of an autistic child, I empathize with the mother, but the pilot was absolutely correct to have them escorted off of the plane.

The child's reactions to his environment were a clear sign that he was uncomfortable, upset and possibly frightened. Had the pilot taken continued with the flight, the situation could have degraded to the point where the child had a complete melt-down and injured himself or someone else.

The pilot has a schedule to keep. The mother and child can take another flight after the child has calmed himself.
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I guess it all depends on whether or not Al-Jazeera is actually reporting news or if they are spouting propaganda and lies, like the folks over at Fox news.

An honest look at ourselves from an outside source is always a good thing. I frequently catch the news from the BBC for just such an angle. If Al-Jazeera will offer another perspective like the BBC does, then I'm all for it. If they "invent" news stories like Fox's "terrorist fist jab" nonsense then we need to keep them out.
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