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Anyone who takes personal advice from an infographic deserves what they get. Where is the part about hard work, short term sacrifices for long term goals, or retaining a personal support structure?
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I challenge the assertion that reading is inherently better for you than TV. A story is a story, regardless of how you package it. Likewise, garbage is garbage. Both mediums have their pros and cons with how you tell and receive the story, but a competent writer can overcome and embrace the nuances of their chosen medium. The distinction between reading and watching is therefore rather trivial to me. Almost like tossing a fish to a clapping seal, rewarding a cheap trick.

Now if you want to talk about specific shows and books, I can produce a Twilight for every Jerry Springer you can name. They both have their high points and they both have their low, low points.

Full disclosure: I watch TV, read fiction and non and also write
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I had never heard anything like what you say, so I looked around to see if there’s anything to it. Your specific allegations only seem to appear on right wing websites. But I traced the source of “most economists” to two of them from UCLA. They seem to mostly blame the wage and price controls of the NRA, a program which only lasted two years and then was declared unconstitutional. The New Deal was a extremely varied set of programs that were tried and only continued if they proved to work.

Somehow, the “most economists” trope morphed into “most historians” when Fox News got hold of it. Turns out that the UCLA study used somewhat faulty data.

The truth is that some of the New Deal programs were failures, and then were discontinued, and some were great successes. They put people into jobs, and kept many from starving. When things started looking good in 1937, the Roosevelt administration pulled back on government stimulus spending, and saw that the economy started to tank again. A big infusion of stimulus funds the next year put the recovery back on track. Economists still do not agree on how that worked.
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Green bean casserole is quite palatable if you don't use canned beans. Use fresh or frozen cut beans that way the beans are not reduced to mush and use 1 1/2 times as much green beans as the recipe calls for so that the beans are not swimming in mushroom soup but just have a light coating.
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They hid out after closing. They flipped the authorities of a foreign nation, and their rules, the bird. The premise of their attitude was egotism, disrespect and self-entitlement. Even stone can be destroyed if enough people (read: immature adults) follow their 'its-all-about-me' example.

If they had fallen on their climb up the pyramid and been unable to get back down on their own, they no doubt would have expected those same disrespected gatekeepers to kindly and carefully haul their asses back down for medical attention. Were photos the only thing they took, or did they happen to have a chisel and hammer with them? Did they leave anything behind? There are no restrooms at the top of the pyramid.

Shall I go on, James?
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Hang on a sec Che is dead ... you actually ADMIT to being a conservative in this day and age?

Listen: Anyone who says, "I'm a conservative," better say it after 10 to 15 minutes of abject apologies after the total fucking mess you, your kind and your polices of wrought on the world over the past 50 or so years (and that's being generous).
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