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we just get a hand scanner, beep the codes in the store, see our total amound (including discounts) hang the scanner and pay with a card. Easy as hell and you dont have to unload the goods from the bag again. They keep us honest by using suprise bagchecks. (at the pay terminal).
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annyone who has lived in a city that bike friendly, (visit the Netherlands some time) knows that's its not helmets that make it safe, its understanding and infrastructure. There are MAYBE one or two helmets to be spotted for every 100 cyclists, and those who wear them are either speed racers or kids under 4.

The Netherlands have one of the highest number of bike trips, yet one of the lowest traffic deaths in the world. And virtually no helmets on bikes.

There are server studies that show wearing a bike helmet makes it less safe, because cars will pass closer, and the cyclist them self take more risk (they feel protected.) Also, most bike helmets are so flimsy in most car vs cyclist collisions it makes no difference.
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im pretty sure sauerkraut is a excelent way to preserve vitamin c. Some historians even give it part credit for the dutch golden age. (apperntly we shipped loads of the stuff on ship food supplies.)
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nice, not to put anyone one down but is the multi language club really that special? where i come from everyone has to learn at least 3 languages in high school. most of the time 4. Dutch, English, German and French. Spanish is an option. (classical languages only if you do higher education.)
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