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My degree is in computer science, but I have rebuild motors, have helped rewire houses, and generally am interested in fix it type things. I am a curious person and am always interested in how things work. As a kid I use to take things apart and put them back together. In fact I studied computer science for the same exact reason I learned how cars work. I don't like black boxes, I want to know what is going on inside.

I actually know quite a few fellow computer geeks that are handly with a toolset. I don't think an interest in one negates an interest in the other at all. In fact I think they have the same motivations.
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Of course the child should have been taken away, and the conditions she lived in were horrible. But if you read about the mother she was evaluated and had mental illness and IQ of 77 (that is borderline mentally retarded). She is unable to understand how to raise a child or that she was doing wrong. She of course was not fit to raise a child, but all these cries for her imprisonment or blood seem to ignore these facts about the mother.
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If he chickened out an didn't do it, how did the cops find out to prosecute him? Did he call the police and tell them of the plan? If so, he ended up screwing himself with a conspiracy to commit kidnapping charge. It seems sort of foolish for him to turn in his friend like that, instead of just trying to go back and try and convince his friend that his plan was stupid. Now both of them have a very serious crime on their records.
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All those crumple zones and airbags wont help when the car is thrown 100 feet after being slammed into by a speeding hummer. Remember F=ma. And I also wouldn't want to be in one that a hummer merely ran over and is now on top of me.
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Why does it matter if this kid is autistic or not? It is a danger to everyone on the plane if someone is running around unruly. It sounds like the crew tried their best to try and manage the situation while the mother did nothing. No one is entitled to fly. This woman in effect was holding a whole plane hostage. I hope they fine her as they would anyone whos actions caused a plane to return to the airport.
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