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Having read the linked page, it's hard to see the yuks that are presumably inherent in the life of an autistic man who is unemployed (like so much of that population), isolated, delusional, and mocked by strangers. I guess it's a subculture, but I wish I didn't know about it. The Ship of Fools folks look like they're in on the joke, and what with Flanders being fictional and all, laughing at him is a little more fun.
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SO weird. I saw this story a few other places today and always saw white and gold, as I did when I first read this story. Closed the computer to get everyone out the door. Came back, and now the thing is blue and black. Oh my head.
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A couple of days later the tunnel was knocked down and its entrance blocked by a large snow boulder. Perhaps because of just this kind of thinking. People appear to have shoveled it out into a more conventional path, which is nice, because otherwise we could be asking whom to sue when the cyclists get hit by cars because the T rendered their bike path inaccessible.
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I don't really see how casting Elba would "water down the artistic integrity" of James Bond, whose character isn't really defined by the fact that he's Caucasian. Presumably he wouldn't get a whole new backstory that relies on his African heritage, or be motivated by a desire for racial equality among superspies, or anything like that. He would just look a certain way that doesn't happen to be the way he's described in the books, which happens all the time in movies.

I think you could argue that the Roger Moore films watered down Fleming's vision of the character in more essential ways than differences of appearance.
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I'm a bit sad that a 17-year-old who "reads like a fiend" considers "malice" to be an obscure word.

I don't know that I'd be in favor of adding any long series like this to the required English curriculum; there's only so much time in a year. They're fine works for adolescents, though, and at schools that offer genre-themed elective courses for senior year I think they'd be excellent options.
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This is a Puritan courting fork from colonial New England. Using it, the happy couple could enjoy a meal together, while propriety was ensured by the sturdy central barrier.

Never Grow Up, black, ladies M.
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32/36. It's kind of reassuring that my social anxiety is, at least, not down to failure to comprehend. Maybe I'm sensitized due to recent events, but I was a little disturbed by the emotions ascribed to the female eyes. I thought that they were narrow in range and that many reflected mental states men would expect or wish to observe in women, as opposed to the full gamut of emotions we all experience.
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