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Did people not notice the comment about it being not true?

It amazing what people will try to pull over on us in the name of environmentalism.

If you can find it, watch Penn and Teller's debunk of our recycling system. I believe it was on their show "Bulls**t"... season 2?
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I'd like to point out that the context of the words really help out. You brain kind of 'expects' certain words, which is why sometimes its easy to fill in a word for someone in a conversation if they pause. The more difficult words are easier to 'guess' bassed on the easier words around them.
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I'd like to see a video of the two-tone voice thing.

I can:
* raise one eyebrow
* do the '6' drawing
* Do some of the tounge tricks
* 'Toot your own horn' (and no, you get no video proof!)
Well, I should say I 'used to' be able to do that one, when I was younger. I haven't tried in years. Its too 'painful' a stretch on the back. Plus, I have someone else to do it for me now. :P
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Acttually, people can get quite nasty over the phone even when calling an American call center. Before the call center I used to work at was outsorced (a few years ago), any number of people I worked with had a ton of storys of horribly mean callers (and it was inbound-only cutomer service, no sales!)

So, in all honesty, these guys are really just experiencing what we used to. Race aside, the 'mean caller' would find anything to single out and insult you about, and racism wasn't forbidden (for example, if the caller sounded like a certain ethnicity, or even if the customer preferred a different gender rep..) Of course, they probably have a higher frequency of 'mean callers' because of the language issue.
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