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looks like a spinning whorl -- here are some links:

(snip) "The archaeological record contains a wide variety of "disks", with central holes, and which are of the form necessary to give a "drop spindle" when a shaft is inserted through that hole. The drop spindle is known from times when no record of the spinning wheel exists and is presumed to be the earliest device for producing a continuous thread."

the above link contains illustrations of similar objects to the one found in the russian dig.

here is a link to a pic showing how the whorl is placed on a spindle:

this link is to an illustration of a modern woman from tibet using (an ornate) drop spindle:

and finally, here is a mayan using a drop spindle for spinning cotton -- note the truncated cone whorl at the base of the spindle -- (the upper-right image):
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seems that references might helpt support some of those anecdotes, such as the one about him enjoying execution and porno films...

hitler was a vegetarian, which he felt helped his digestion (he suffered from digestion problems up until he adopted vegetarianism).

the nazis did invent methamphetamines -- they were designed as a "pep pill" for troops. hitler's doctor administered daily shots of speed towards the end of the war.
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long eggs and chickens are a variant of the "long horse" meme that's out there on the web. these long eggs are made from soy and sold as a slice-worthy garnish for udon soup (and other noodle treats). little kids have them in their lunches too in japan.

it's not intentionally a hoax, but can turn into one when folks post links as credible. but in this case, the title of the post ends with a question mark, implying that the post might be fully credible.

the fake eggs from china (man-made eggs) turned out to be an actual hoax.
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