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If a person has a life-threatening allergy, it's always going to come down to themselves being responsible for watching their exposure. It's beyond ridiculous to demand that an entire neighborhood of partying, and likely drunk adults, accommodate your anonymous little snowflake out of the hundreds of kids over the night. Even having posted those absurd, passive-aggressive notes, Mystery Parent would be an idiot to assume that their child is not going to get nuts in their candy, so what was accomplished? The parent will still have to check and look at everything, but is also an asshole.
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One thing I never hear mentioned is that West is a huge guy! He must be close to 6'5", and barrel-chested. He's bulked up a bit since his Batman days.
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I came to the same conclusion for a different reason. Jesse gave his alibi, including, "Dad wasn't on the couch." Why would he say that, instead of assuming Dad was in his own bed? I figured Jesse had been listening to the others, and came in with his story, tailored to cast suspicion onto his dad.
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“an apostate from the Christian faith and leader of the Scamari, was captured. They cut off his hands and feet on the Mole of St Thomas, brought in physicians, and dissected him from his pubic region to his chest while he was alive. This they did with a view to understanding the structure of man. In this condition they gave him over to the flames.”

Umm yeah, I'm still going to say that the Dark Ages were called that because of the culture at the time, thanks.
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My girlfriend used to have thick red hair she usually wore in a braid past her butt, thick as my wrist. (I have thick wrists, too) She cut 24" off to donate to cancer patients, and lost about 10 lbs in minutes. A lot of her neck pain cleared up too.
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No, what this die is designed to solve is the need for collectors to have another unique die in their Crown Royal bag. A friend of mine has every exotic die he can lay his hands on, and he might contrive a situation in the game where he can haul out an oddity and roll it just to watch us groan. His heavy machined bronze d6's leave dents in the table and get everyone's attention. I can see him flipping something like this just to make a point.
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All the ivy I'm familiar with wouldn't let go without taking the brickwork with it. I've spent some long hours scraping ivy loose. Seeing vines peel off in a sheet like this would almost be an orgasmic experience.
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Next year, someone should try to swap the fire retardant for volatile oil before it gets sprayed on the goat. It should self-ignite after a few hours exposure to oxygen.
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I'm guessing this magpie was raised by the family from a fledgling, since it shows no hesitation to play with the humans either. Also, I've never seen a bird lie on it's side like that, legs in the air. That looks like a behavior it's learned from playing with the puppies. I wonder if it will learn any human speech?
Corvids are awesome.
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If your kid wants to be Buzz Lightyear, she'll probably be pretty disappointed to see a tutu instead. Why not do the costume right? Do all little girls have to wear tutus or something?
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Me too. I kept repeating "No shit Sherlock," as I read this article. I'm 6'1" and 250 lbs. I wouldn't mind losing 20 lbs, but I'm not fat by any measure...except the BMI, which says I was obese at 190. I passed that when I was 14, and only got back to it after a week-long bout of food poisoning rendered me near-skeletal. Never again!
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