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HWY 101 is always losing sections. This is nothing new, and it hasn't accelerated significantly from past washouts. There used to be sections of the highway that ran on the beach, and couldn't be passed at high tide, before they were moved up the cliff face onto cutouts. As long as people want to move up and down the coast, it will be worthwhile to maintain the highway.
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I'm pretty sure it's lemon-flavored gelatin for the pie. It's not horrible, but it's not what I'd want if I expected lemon meringue.
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"Not really wolves?" This is a dumb take. They departed from the grey wolf lineage about the same time humans departed from the chimps. Does this mean humans are not apes?
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In a modern delivery cabinet, I would include a web camera to notify you of the delivery and show what's there, and a UV light to disinfect the contents before you bring it into the house.
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My uncle used to beachcomb in Florida after storms, and he had a couple shoeboxes full of shark's teeth he had collected. He had one about that size, and we all assumed it was from a megalodon. It's about 3 times the size of anything you'd see on a great white.
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I wonder how the bucket is actually moving? The leaf blower-to-umbrella isn't actually doing anything, as it can't. The backwards force from the blower cancels out any forward movement from the umbrella.
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I love that they went and built a 12" Stonehenge for this project. I hope they listened to a lot of Spinal Tap while evaluating their data.
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