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I actually read a few issues of the 'Space Family Robinson' comic before the series came out and was really stoked with the more serious black-and-white pilot.

Unfortunately then they went campy with space-bikers, space-hippies and 6-foot carrot people. Irwin Allen's shows all depended on the 'cast member gets taken over by alien-of-the-week' and someone must have been putting LSD in the water cooler.

Shame... the series could have been as good as Trek.
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Back in my admin days when I used to purchase 9Gb drives for $2500, 12terrabytes would be a formidable thought (1,300 of the 9giggers at $3million).

But these days when you can go out to any computermart and buy a dozen terrabyte drives for less than $3k and put them all on one tabletop connected to one PC, it's really not that bad.

Scary to think that having that much space is so affordable and downright practical for a single user....
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Same with radio: Clear Channel owns 80% of the US radio stations (and they also own the biggest concert venues, too so they can tell you what you'll go see.)
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It's NOT unnatural... it's just putting in some work and giving the animal some attention and praise.

I've had cats that would sit, sit up (beg), come and fetch.

We've even gotten our current pet RABBIT to do some tricks like beg and carrying a plastic pumpkin.

The OWNER is the limitation, not the animal....
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