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Dark mode only saves energy when using OLED screens where a pixel emits its own light. In an LCD the light is emitted by a backlight and to get dark it needs to activate 100% blocking in a screening layer. It draws more energy than showing white, though not much. The only way to reduce energy in LCD is to turn down the backlight brightness.
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I get "mansplained" by gf all the time. She knows everything better than me even stuff I have done for decades and she barely read about. It really makes me rage. I don't do that. Is this really a gender thing or just pigeon holing?
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The part about Sweden is inaccurate. Bars serve anything to anyone 20+ and still standing. Being drunk in a bar is not illegal if you behave but serving a drunk recalls the serving permit from the bar. Common beer is around 5.2% - sold in bars, restaurants and "Systembolaget". Grocery shops may only sell 3.5% beer to 18+ customers, no alcoholic wine or spirits at all, and there is no enforced 7 PM deadline. Restaurants with permit can sell any strength drink to eating patrons between 11 AM and 1 AM, otherwise only non-alcoholic. Beverages below 2.25% is called non-alcoholic and may be sold and bought freely, like "light beer" and "non alcoholic cider".

Also Bulgaria doesn't have death penalty. Only a few countries in the World still has it.
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A Rhubarb pie and a cool Rhubarb-Barbara-bar-barbarian-beard-barber-beer would be nice, from the hands of the Rhubarb-Barbara-bar-barbarian-beard-barber-beer-bar-Barb.
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Neither in civil society or family should a punishment be given for breaking a rule that was not set earlier. Random punishments, or randomly severe punishments, undermine the authority and trust you have as a parent (or police).

Sure, sometimes taking away the favorite toy for a while may be the only option to make the kids think twice. But then you have to have a talk about how their actions led to your reaction. Family rules cannot be hundreds of paragraphs covering everything.

I think she just suddenly thought her kids were acting spoiled, but spoiling is her fault, and not theirs. She should've explained to them how angry she got and why, and then set the rule that next time it happens ...the ice cream goes in the bin.
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Men and women are equal and should be treated with equal respect. Good manners should apply to men as well as women. What she is learning him is to treat women differently than men, and that is the same mechanism that made someone hurt her in the past. It does not matter if she teaches him to put women on pedestals or to think they are inferior, it is an unnatural archaic discrepancy.

Also, a 6yo has not fully developed empathy yet, and for me treating other well is in big part an empathy action.
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