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This is not genuine. It's a marketing ploy by the Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles. If you watch closely you can see that the hand never changes position when you see it in close up. The painting changes drastically throughout, as well.
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I worked at the Magic Kingdom for four years and heard of and saw many things like this. It really isn't surprising considering the sheer numbers of people that come through each day. Couple that with the harsh summer weather, the thrill rides made of dangerous machinery, pre-existing or hidden medical conditions, human error and human stupidity and none of this is really surprising. It happens in other similar places, but since Disney is such a big, easy target they get the most attention.
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My sister-in-law calls it The Taking Boy instead of The Giving Tree and I have to agree. Uncle Shelby's ABZ's is definitely my favorite. Brilliant and hilarious.
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Poor General Hooker. He was, allegedly, a ladies man but was not responsible for the term "hooker." However, the Massachusetts State House has an entrance named after him. The result is many signs with arrows leading you to the "General Hooker Entrance." I guess specialized hookers use a separate entrance.
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