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I knew someone would come out of the woodwork to argue here. Anders Breivik killed 77 people, the Vegas shooter killed 58 -doesn't really seem "tame" -especially when you consider that he was only one of the 1,624 shooters in the last 1,870 days in America. Yeah, this is the only country where this regularly happens and I defy you to come up with even two more mass shootings in other developed nations without using Google.

But by all means, use the only example you can to argue the fact that America doesn't need to change anything.
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Kinda interesting. However, some of the stories are dubious at best.
Haraldr Hálfdanarson, commonly called Haraldr Hárfagri, (literally "Harald Fair-hair) was described in several of the Kings' sagas He ruled from 872–930: a couple of centuries before those sagas were written). While the story about his refusal to cut his hair until he ruled as a king is commonly known, the nickname "the lousy" is a new one. He was sometimes known as"Shockhead" or "Tanglehair" (Haraldr lúfa).
Ivar Ragnarsson AKA "Ivarr inn beinlausi" died about 873 CE. The existing accounts of him were written a couple of centuries after he lived, and those blended in plenty of magic and folklore. He was said to have won one battle by defeating a bewitched cow named Sibilja.
The Scandinavian sagas clearly describe Ivarr as 'lacking bones'. The mid-twelfth century poem Hattalykill says he was 'without any bones at all' (clearly a medical impossibility).
The sagas also say that 'neither love nor lust played any part in his life', and he died childless. Was he impotent-- "boneless?"
It might have been an ironic nickname, for which the Vikings were well-known, in much the same way as we refer to a fat man as "Slim"or a tall man as "Tiny" - so a larger than average Viking might be called "Boneless", or he may simply have had very supple joints (in modern terms - 'double-jointed'). Osteogenises imperfecta,is only one of several hypotheses. And I seriously doubt anyone dared call him "boneless" to his face.

Other not so nicely named historical figures include:
Constantine the Name of Shit
Haakon the Crazy
Henry the Impotent
Ivaylo the Swineherd
Jean the Poorest Man in France
John Lackland/Softsword
Justinian the Slitnosed
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Books don't really need to be "displayed" at all, unless you are actively trying to impress people. They need to be "accessibly stored." Most of my book are in my office, where no one is invited because it's always a mess. If they were in the living room, they'd be neater, but still not on display -just stored for my personal use.
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[Ed. note: Mickey does not eat cheese in cartoons, but Disney is not above licensing his image to sell cheese.]

FYI - there is nothing that Disney is "not above"
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What Eddie forgot to mention was that after being shot down over the Phillippines in WWII (the Big one as Archie used to call it), Russell was only able to save himself after making a radio out of a coconut.
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"Should any free soul come across that place, in all the countless centuries yet to be, may all our voices whisper to you from the ageless stones: Go tell the Spartans, passer-by, that here, by Spartan law, we lie."
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