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I weigh . . . a lot more than I should. I really could use to lose 50 pounds.
Maybe a bit more exercise?
Now, I learn that I would need to walk across Antarctica while dragging a bunch of supplies, for three months, to lose 50 pounds!
Maybe I'll just give up!
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The opposite is the album: "Well I Should Have...Learned How to Play Piano", by 20-year comedy veteran Jon Benjamin. NPR called him "Full of real, untapped un-talent".
The recording session clip is at 1:38.
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I had read that, in the century after Columbus, 90 percent of the native humans in North America had died of disease. When we think of familiar 'native American' cultures, we are thinking of a remnant that was recovering from a catastrophe on the order of "The Stand".
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In some of those fish species, at least, paternal child rearing might allow females to more quickly recover the caloric investment of making eggs, and mate more often.
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Wow. How can New Mexico be number nine? I mean, the sun can hit like the nuclear fireball that it is, but it is so dry that your shirts don't even get wet! (All of my shirts instead get this crust of dry salt on the back, if I'm out a lot in the summer)
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I recall, after an ice storm in Portland, OR, seeing a municipal bus skidding down an icy hill. It was terrifying.

Those guys, on the other hand, must be on their way to one hell of a pub at the top of the hill.
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